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Night Vision Ad On Units



    The Nite Site Wolf Elite attaches to your standard day scope, without having to change its position and uses a digital camera and infrared (IR) illuminator and includes an adjustable power IR illuminator with a 3.5-inch, dimmable viewing screen at the rear, which fits onto the scope’s body tube; 1-inch and 30mm clamps are supplied. A digital camera fits onto the eyepiece bell, which effectively looks through the scope and relays the image to the screen at the rear of the IR unit. Power is supplied by a remote6Ah Lithiumion battery that can be strapped to the butt. RTEK technology offers a dimmable screen, one-button recording to a micro SD card; plus, integral Wi-Fi enables live video sharing to a mobile device using the free NitePlayer mobile app. It is available for iOS and Android devices.

    This package adds a welcome car charger and best of all, the Laser Range Finder with bracket and new remote cable/switch for easier operation. There’s also carry case, micro SD card and adaptor, 6Ah Lithium-ion battery and stockmountable pouch and an anti-recoil clamp.

    I zeroed the scope, which does not change with the Wolf fitted and then worked out my drops and used the scope’s Mil-hash vertical lines as hold-over range markers, quicker and easier at night than dialing the drop in. One aspect of the design is that the camera adaptor tube can be accidently moved off line, which results in the reticle not being central in the screen. This can happen when taking the rifle out of its case, or by getting in and out of vehicles/positions. It’s a moment’s work to realign it, but just be aware!

    Price-wise, there’s a difference between the standard Dark Ops and Elite units, this is mainly down to the inclusion of the LRF in the latter package. However, it’s worth noting that buying it all together saves you £50 off the LRF.

    Name: Nite Site Dark Ops Elite Wolf

    Prices: £899

    Contact: Nite Site www.nitesite.com

    Reviewer: Pete Moore



    The Pulsar F155 is a compact, digital unit that measures only 6.1 x 3.6 x 3-INCH and weighing 19oz without the battery pack. It uses a four-point clamping system that has a bayonet fitment that is available in the scope’s size that you are using and mounts at the front. It has a detectable range of a 1.7m tall target of 490m. Resolutionwise, the device is impressive with a CMOS sensor type, with pixel resolution of 702x526 pixels and a display of AMOLED type with a 640x480 resolution.

    The F155 uses a Li-ion battery and an on-board video recorder that has an avi/ jpg format of 640x480 resolution and a still image res of 1280x960 pixel. This is stored on a 16GB internal memory. Finally, all digital kit has a performance boost from an external power source and the F155 comes with a detachable IR illuminator. The TV, or AMOLED screen, is visible through your scope and the size of the screen is dependent on the mag you are using. As with all digital units, they are safe to use in the daytime too, so makes sighting in a breeze. The device is capable of detection of a fox at 300-yards+ but at distance, the target is small.

    Battery life is superb and to be honest you do not really need a spare. I stuck with the Li-ion battery supplied, as once charged, it lasts all night despite me fiddling with controls, adjusting contrast, sum light and taking images- impressive. Long term power has always the bugbare of NV in the past, but not now!

    For the price and ease of use with your normal day scope and not having to have a dedicated NV rifle setup, the F155 Forward mounted system offers a good degree of flexibility and I was impressed with the degree of clarity and detection range. You have a crisp image but only if you are sensible with the magnification of the host scope, 6x max in my view. The battery life is superb and all the functions will please the techno nerds and Youtubers.

    For under a grand, it solves the problem of that initial investment, as with differing clamps you can fit it to any of your scopes, transforming them into a very effective night hunter.

    Name: Pulsar Forward F155 night vision digital add-on

    Price: £989.95

    Contact: Thomas Jacks [email protected]

    Reviewer: Bruce Potts



    The Night Stalker is a camera and TV screen type device that will fit to most scopes on air rifles or rimfires. The kit includes a case, charger, battery, IR torch, monitor, clamps, camera unit and all the attachment brackets, this is comprehensive and only costs £250. This kit is designed for use at a realistic range and offer shooters on a budget a good NV sight that is capable of detection up to a maximum of 200-yards.

    Two ‘S’ clamps are supplied, which are used to attach the IR torch forward of the scope’s adjustment turrets and also the Monitor/TV screen behind the turrets. The battery pack is fitted to the back of the camera via Velcro. You now attach the monitor lead to the battery lead. There is a USB outlet, so you can record the images you view through the monitor. You have a ‘heads-up’ shooting position with the cheek off the stock, which does take a while to get used to but it actually becomes quite natural and allows a good field of view.

    You have a 4.3-inch screen that displays as colour or black and white, dependent on the lighting conditions; resolution is good but without the IR, like other digital units, the detection range is reduced. On a moonless, slightly overcast night, I could see and engage rabbits at 50 yards and 40 yards respectively.

    With the IR torch, an AC Nightstalker type T50 switched on, this increased the detection range out to about 100 for rabbits and 150-175 for fox sized game. The camera is very secure and because the battery is light it does not stress the eyepiece of the scope at all. All you have to do is make sure the camera is horizontal, otherwise the reticle looks wonky. The IR is a nice bit of kit by the way.

    The AC Night Stalker exceeded my expectations, as for £250, I was not expecting much. The build quality is good and when you add up all the kit as separate units, I think it represents good value for money.

    Name: AC Night Stalker

    Price: £250

    Contact: AC Guns www.acguns.co.uk

    Reviewer: Bruce Potts