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Nightvision Round up

  • Night Stalker Add-on

    Reviewer: Graham Allen Technology is always marching on and a new way of shooting after dark is the add-on camera/monitor method. The Night Stalker from AC Guns is a new option and sees a Sony Night Vision camera mounted on the scope’s ocular lens housing via an adaptor, which films the image through the scope that is illuminated by the T50 IR mini torch mounted on top of the scope. A 4.3-inch HD monitor is fitted behind the torch where the image is viewed. The components come in a sturdy case and the whole set-up can be fitted in around one-minute! The rifle needs to be held differently than normal but you soon get used to it. With a range out to 200-yards, it’s ideal for air rifle and rimfire use and priced at £250, the Night Stalker is a bargain!

    Price: £250 Contact: AC Guns www.acguns.co.uk

  • ATN X-Sight II

    ATN X-Sight II

    Reviewer: Jules Whicker The X-Sight II pitches itself as a true day/night scope with a 1080p HD sensor and display and a powerful Obsidian II microprocessor at its core. There’s no built-in IR, but you can mount a separate unit. The image, complete with audio, can be recorded at 1080p/30fps to the built-in 4GB memory or to a Micro SD card. Physical dimensions are 294 mm x 79mm x 87mm for the 3-14x50 and 289mm x 90mm x 88mm for the 2.5-20x85, with weights of 680g and 1156g, respectively. The X-sight II is priced at £649.00 for the 3-14x50 and £779 for the 2.5-20x85. It’s a ground-breaking device with a uniquely rich feature set and offered at a very keen price.

    Price: £779 Contact: www.atneu.com

  • Pulsar Forward F155 Night Vision Add-on

    Pulsar Forward F155 Night Vision Add-on

    Reviewer: Bruce Potts The Pulsar Phantom F155 turns a day scope into a night scope by simply attaching to the objective bell via a four-point clamping system; this can therefore be added or removed easily and the shooter does not need a dedicated NV/rifle set-up and you keep your natural eye relief and adding a NV kit to the front of the scope helps stop problems with parallax error and point of impact zero change. It’s a compact unit at only 6.1x3.6x3-inches, weighing 19oz without the Li-ion battery pack and you also have an onboard video recorder. The device is capable of detection of a fox at 300-yards but actual shooting should be carried out closer than that but it’s amazing at turning night into day. For the price and ease of use, the F155 offers a good degree of flexibility.

    Price: £989.95 Contact Thomas Jacks [email protected]

  • Pulsar Phantom 4x60 Gun Sight

    Pulsar Phantom 4x60 Gun Sight

    Reviewer: Jules Whicker The Pulsar Phantom 4x60 MD WP is a tubed model, you can choose the type to suit your needs and your pocket. A Gen 2+ tube is adequate for foxing and at £1649.95 it competes well with digital alternatives. Image quality is good, and noticeably more even and consistent than you get from digital. It also needs less IR, so your detection and identification ranges aren’t tied to the ability of your illuminator! As for the WP part, this signifies a white phosphor tube. Unlike the green image provided by a standard tube, this shows a black-and-white picture with greater clarity, contrast, and depth of field. A 1.5x lens converter is available to boost the magnification to 6x. This will shift the point-of-impact, so leave it on! Unfortunately, it does block the on-board IR, so an external illuminator is required.

    Price: £1649.95 Contact: Thomas Jacks www.thomasjacks.co.uk

  • SEEK Reveal Pro Handheld Thermal Imager

    SEEK Reveal Pro Handheld Thermal Imager

    Reviewer: Chris Parkin The SEEK Reveal Pro is the latest update of the hand-held, smartphone sized thermal imager that offers a 550m thermal detection range on human sized objects and will pick up rabbits, dependant on the ground conditions, at 75+ metres and I was able to detect and watch two foxes 80-metres away. There are nine colour palettes and image capture/photo gallery are likely to be the most regularly used functions after initial setup. The GB photographic memory capacity is now inbuilt rather than on external micro SD card and a Mini USB lead is supplied for both charging and image transfer. The SEEK is a useful tool to add a huge impact to vermin control on a budget.

    Price: £609.95 Contact: Thomas Jacks www.thomasjacks.co.uk, Scott Country www.scottcountry.co.uk