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Falcon T50 10-50x60

Falcon T50 10-50x60

Being out of the FT game for a bit, I have missed some of the new names that have come on the scene. I have, of course, read comments all over the internet about different scopes, but there really is nothing like having a look for yourself. So it was a bit of good fortune when I spotted the words Falcon T50 on a box when I recently visited a new shop in my area.

Having swapped a few emails with Steve Clarke at The Tunnel arranging for me to spend some time with the T50, I was a little taken aback when a large silver scope was presented to me. I was aware that the T50 is made in black and silver finishes, I was just not expecting the silver option to be the model I would be reviewing.

The Package

There is a slight sense of deja vu when looking at the T50 – it is very reminiscent of the older Nikko Sterling 10-50x60; that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as the Nikko has a fine reputation.

So, starting at the back, we have the usual adjustment on the ocular lens, this is a nice chunky adjustment ring, a common theme with this scope. Next control is the magnification, which also has some nice big grooves machined into it, giving you plenty to grip when making adjustments. The ring is nice and smooth in operation, well damped and at the same time quick and easy to adjust.

The main body of the scope has all the controls where we expect to see them, with the small side wheel to the left, elevation turret up top and windage turret to the right. Both the turrets are 1/8 MOA, are substantial target types and I really like their robustness. In operation the clicks are seriously loud and you can feel a good strong detent ratchet in action.

The focus side wheel is a relatively small diameter, I suspect this suits Bench Rest and other disciplines well, but it is way too small for FT; this is why Falcon includes a 125mm diameter side wheel with the scope as standard, designed and manufactured by Harris Engineering On the silver model, all the engraving is a good size and very neatly detailed in black. In the case of the black T50 the lettering is detailed in silver, so no great surprises there. There are no other controls on the scope, so the tube expands from 30mm out to the 60mm objective lens.


Into Action

I try very hard not to have any preconceptions when I look at any piece of kit I am reviewing, but with scopes it is sometimes hard not to expect a lot or a little, depending on the price tag. In the case of the T50 I was more than happy with the sight picture that greeted me.

The mil dot reticule pops out at you, nice and black, but not too intrusive. The cross hairs are reasonably fine; so don’t obscure the target to any great degree. The reticule is in the second focal plane, so stays the same size regardless of the magnification used.

Installed onto my FTP900, I started off with relatively straightforward well-lit 25 to 35 yard targets to range find. On full-mag the detail really jumped out, both clarity and colour were very good. Ranging from a well-lit firing point into a less well-lit area, especially at longer ranges, introduced a little mistiness into the picture, but the target was still clear with both detail and colours easily visible.

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Next the real test, looking into dark and very dark areas. This is really pushing the optics to their limit and looking from the well-lit firing point into a very dark area of heavy growth at full 50 mag, the T50 struggled. However, I don’t know too many shooters who would in practice shoot a target like that at full mag. Winding the scope back to 30 mag transformed the picture and I immediately had a bright clear picture with every detail available, I was also able to repeatedly range from far targets in bright light, back into the darker area without issue, just the job.


Into Darkness

I was using some woodland to test the scope, so I now had a go at longer ranges, out to 55 yards and more. Even when looking into areas that were relatively dark, I was really able to pull out the detail and fine focus on small knots in tree trunks, twigs and leaves, all the kinds of things I use to range find in competition.

Picking on such features I was able to get the ranges down to around a yard. In other words I could get a leaf in sharp focus, when one a yard in front or behind was completely fuzzy. Falcon claim 1.5 yard accuracy at 50 yards, I think with practice it would be possible to improve on that.

One point worth mentioning, and I have had this before with other scopes; I am not sure whether it is the shape or the design of the ocular lens, but given too much light from behind, it is possible to get reflections of objects behind in the sight picture. This is easily overcome with a scope enhancer, a cap, or in my case a hoody.

Weight-wise, at touch over 2lbs. (995g) the T50 is pretty much in the ball park with all the other 60mm objective lens scopes, so really no never mind.

Apart from the 125mm sidewheel I mentioned earlier, also included is an additional, oversized elevation turret cap, two sunshades, flip up lens covers and a T50 sticker. A very handy set of waterproof vinyl labels is also included, purpose made for the job by Rangesports and they can be used to mark the elevation turret and sidewheel.



This is a well-engineered, well put together scope. The turrets are robust and of a really good size, it range-finds well repeatedly and accurately, and the optics are of higher than average quality. In addition it comes with some great accessories with others available.

Performance-wise it can more than hold its own; I know I said that the sight picture can get a little misty, but I have seen the same and worse from scopes costing twice as much.

PRICE: £449.99

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  • Falcon T50 10-50x60 - image {image:count}

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  • Model: T50 10-50x60
  • Magnification Range: 10-50
  • Field of view: @ 100 yards 9.6-2.2 ft.
  • Eye Relief: @10x 78mm/3.1 inches
  • Adjustment value per click: 1/8MOA
  • Adjustment per turn: 7.5MOA
  • Mildot: Reticle
  • Length: 440mm/17.32 inches
  • Weight: 995g/35.1oz
  • Tube diameter: 30mm
  • Construction: 1 Piece Tube/Saddle/Objective
  • Objective lens diameter: 60mm/2.36 inches
  • Outer ocular diameter: 44mm/1.73 inches