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MTC 3 – 12 X 44 Mamba Lite

MTC 3 – 12 X 44 Mamba Lite

MTC Optics established themselves in a relatively short space of time. Originally their imported Optisan scopes catered for the airgun hunter wanting fully featured optics with useful multi-aimpoint reticles. First they created the SCB (Small Calibre Ballistic) reticule or Christmas tree as some refer to it. They now have an alternative – the AMD (Advanced Mil-Dot) though not available on the Mamba Lite series it does look very interesting and one I’d certainly like to assess.

It Takes Two

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The Mamba Lite range consists of the 3 – 12 X 44 and a 4 - 16 X 44, but for the specific purposes these scopes cater for, that’s all that’s needed. Incidentally you can opt for one of the other Mambas (not to be confused with the Mamba Lite range) as they have other features and options.

The Mamba Lite is a stripped down hunting scope, using the same ETE, microlux, fully multi-coated lenses as all Mamba’s but is built around a 1” body tube as opposed to 30mm. This allows it to be fitted closer to the barrel, a fact aided by the 44mm objective too. However, you still need medium to high mounts to clear the protruding magazine of certain multi-shot PCPs!

Robustly built it shows a matt black finish and is waterproof, fogproof, shockproof and Nitrogen purged. The chunky eye-bell features fast focus ocular adjustment and a smooth but positive zoom ring, both aggressively slotted for easy operation. Turrets are low hunter-types and adjust easily enough. Click values are ¼” MOA @ 100-yards, with 60 clicks per turn and eight full rotations. Both windage and elevation turrets have Verniers and are lined and numbered on the outer face. The SCB reticle is set on the 2nd focal plane.

Room to Spare

The side parallax dial is ridged; again for easy manipulation and is marked 10, 15, 25, 50, 100, 200 and 500yds and 8. There’s room to mark a few extra reference ranges between 10 and 50-yards. As it’s not designed as a rangefinder I’d use it for fine tuning the focus on the quarries kill zone.

Optical quality is superb, as is build, coupled with the magnification range and sensible size objective. The scope lends itself perfectly for dawn/dusk low light use or any general airgun hunting situation. The MTC Optics 3 – 12 X 44 Mamba Lite initially seems a bit basic but has all the features many airgunners now want from a scope.

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  • MTC 3 – 12 X 44 Mamba Lite - image {image:count}

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  • MTC Optics: 3 – 12 X 44 Mamba Lite
  • Reticle : SCB
  • Click values : ¼” MOA
  • Clicks per turn: 60
  • Full rotations : 8
  • Body Tube: 1”
  • 40 – 11.0: FOV ft @ 100-yds
  • Weight : 18.60oz
  • Length : 14.26”


  • Dear Peter:

    In your Winchester 73 video review was a little mistake when you said:_ Back in the days It was made in .45 Colt and 44-40 Caliber.

    The original Winchester 73 was manufactured in the following Calibers:.

    32-20 WCF
    .38-40 WCF
    .44-40 WCF

    The modern Winchester 73 Replicas:
    .38/.357 Magnum
    .22 LR (Rare Model from Uberti)

    The original Winchester 1892:
    .218 Bee (1938) Model 53 receiver model 65
    .45LC (Also the 92 Never was produced in this caliber)
    .38/.357 Magnum

    The New Modern Winchester 1892 and Replicas :

    .32-20 Chiapa Italy and Japanese Made Winchester brand 2006
    .44 Magnum
    .454 Casull magnum (Rossi 92)
    .38/.357 Magnum

    Colt Revolvers single action Calibers:

    .38_40 WCF
    .44-40 WCF
    .44 SPL
    .45 Colt
    450 Eley and .455 Eley for the British Market

    The Winchester model 1873 never was produced in .45 LC ( .45 Long Colt ) Even that the revolvers such the Colt peace Makers and other single actions was produced in the Winchester Rifle calibers such 32-20 WCF
    .38-40 WCF and .44-40 WCF.

    Back in the 80's (1980 decade when cowboy action shooter become a very popular sport in North America, companies like Uberti, Cimarron and Rossi, they started to introduce in .45 LC on the new modern lever action replicas to make a perfect companion for the cowboy revolvers like the Colt and Ruger new and old versions always chambered for the venerable .45 Long Colt "The America Legend".

    The rest are excellent I really appreciate your gun tests and reviews. I live in the USA where I am the owner of a Gun Company called American Arms Corp. I had two gun shops in Florida as well as shooting ranges 4 years ago. I am a shooter and a sportsman enthusiast. Keep the good work!!


    Best Regards,

    John Mello

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    John Mello
    01 Apr 2011 at 09:07 AM