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30mm BSA Sportsmatch Mounts

30mm BSA Sportsmatch Mounts

Correct and secure mounting of a scope to any rifle is of vital importance, as once you’ve ‘zeroed’ your combo, the optic needs to stay precisely in the position it was originally mounted in to maintain the level of accuracy both rifle and scope are capable of. This is the reason why you should always use quality scope mounts, and in the case of BSA, it’s advisable you choose mounts that are manufactured specifically for their rifles. This is because BSA machine the dovetails on their spring and gas-ram powered air rifles, plus action block rails of their PCPs, to a precise width of 13mm. Most scope mount manufacturers make standard mounts with a ‘double sided’ base clamp to accommodate fitting an optic to dovetail or rails with a width of up to 11mm or 11.5mm which is pretty much the industry standard for air powered rifles. However, some do have enough length on the base mount screws for the lower clamp to ‘bridge the gap’ and secure to the wider 13mm specification. The downside of this is the base can tend to tilt to one side and a full correct seating of mount to rifle isn’t achieved.

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Fortunately, Sportsmatch UK have long since addressed this nuance of BSA’s air rifles and offer a range of mounts with bases specifically sized to suit – they’re available in one-piece and two-piece configurations and for scopes with a one-inch or 30mm body tube. However, up until now they only supplied a set of high two-piece mounts for 30mm tubed scopes, so to complete the comprehensive range already offered, they’ve recently added the TO35C two-piece, medium height mounts, to cater for 30mm optics that may benefit from being mounted lower. As you’d expect, they’re manufactured in the UK to the same exacting standards as all their mounts from CNC machined aircraft grade aluminium and are guaranteed for life.

PRICE: RRP £35.95
CONTACT:  www.sportsmatch-uk.com

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