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BKL 12 Way Folding Scope Level

BKL 12 Way Folding Scope Level

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When shooting out in the field, it is difficult to judge if the rifle and scope’s reticle are in fact canted to one side, as this can affect the point of impact down range. To combat this, a range of scope-mounted spirit levels have been designed. BKL, a respected American brand offers the 12-Way Folding Scope level, which comes in two sizes, to fit scopes with a one inch or a 30mm body tube. The design sees a spirit level bubble mounted on a swing out arm, fixed to the ring mount. The split ring is unscrewed and fixed around the scope body in the normal way and gently tightened into position and carefully set, to provide a true reading of a level reticle thereafter. Described as 12-Way, due to the way the swing-out bubble can be simply unscrewed and remounted from different fixing positions, giving a variety of options as to where the bubble appears; so, allowing the individual shooter the clearest view from the firing position. The product is well thought out and nicely made and is a versatile accessory, guaranteed to make a big difference.

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  • Price: 1 inch tube – RRP £37.99 30mm tube – RRP £37.99
  • Contact: Optics Warehouse, 01803 611895