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BKL Dovetail to Weaver Adaptor Mount

BKL Dovetail to Weaver Adaptor Mount

The increasing popularity of Picatinny and Weaver rails for mounting scopes and gun accessories can lead to awkward moments where compatibility is concerned. But top US brand, BKL, have the answer with their super slick little Dovetail to Weaver Adaptor Mounts, as usual, constructed from aircraft grade aluminium.

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As with most BKL mount design, these adaptor mounts need to be slid onto the gun’s dovetail rails from one end, and then clamped into position. If the mounts don’t initially fit, the base screws are removed and placed into the spreader holes to widen the aperture. The adaptor mounts should then slide on. The design effectively raises the scopes sight line, and the chunky Weaver style top profile, means a range of compatible accessories can be easily clamped into place.

Dovetail converted to Picatinny/Weaver rail in an instant — all very neat, very effective, and of course beautifully made.

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  • Name: BKL Dovetail to Weaver Adaptor Mount
  • RRP: (BKL -566 MB) £31.99
  • Contact: Optics Warehouse: opticswarehouse.co.uk