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Blue Print Scope Mounts

Blue Print Scope Mounts

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BluePrint mounts are the result of a tie-up with MTC Optics and world-famous mounts manufacturer, Sportsmatch. Quality is the name of the game, and that means pin-sharp CNC manufacture and a standard of finish to rival anything on the market. Forget gummy sticky pads that foul up the scope body. No gimmicks here, just properly made precision mounts to cater for a wide range of scenarios. Shown here are the BluePrint 30mm 2-Piece ring mounts in black. They are also available in silver if you fancy introducing some subtle bling to a rifle combo. All mounts incorporate the double strap design, which means there are two screws bearing down each side of the ring, spreading pressure and keeping an even grip on the scope. The matt black finish is both smart and practical, plus the base block is also reversible to allow a slightly different profile to the clamping section. This means that slightly varying dimensions on the dovetails of a particular gun can be catered for. Precise socket headed screws are used throughout, and perhaps the main distinguishing feature of BluePrint, is the use of those chunky bolts in the base, complete with washers. Everything feels superbly precise, but as mentioned, with Sportsmatch behind the operation, that aspect is hardly surprising.

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  • Name: BluePrint 30mm 2-Piece Double Strap Ring Mounts in Black
  • Product Code: HTO36D
  • Options: 25mm & 30mm, in High, Medium, Low & Picatinny specifications
  • Colours: Black or Silver finish
  • Price: £38
  • Contact: MTC Optics - www.mtcoptics.com