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Discovery Universal 2-Piece Mounts

Discovery Universal 2-Piece Mounts

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Discovery optics have just introduced a range of universal, 2-piece scope mounts. The design sees the main aluminium rings sized for the larger 34mm scope body tubes, which are now becoming increasingly popular, especially in high magnification FT rigs. The mounts also come complete with two sets of red plastic inserts, both labelled with their size, one for one-inch body tubes and the other for the larger and more universal 30mm option. This means shooters on a budget effectively have three mounts in one. This can be handy if you have several different scopes to use and want to keep costs down. The two halves of the plastic ring just push into place, and the new dimension is then set and with double screw fastenings everything is robust and secure. They are available in high (16mm base height) or low (10.5mm base height) specification, and for 11mm dovetail rails, or Picatinny systems with a 20mm span, so most options are covered.

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  • Price: £19.95
  • Contact: Sureshot Airguns, 01284 850941 sureshot-airguns.co.uk