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Nightmaster QMD Mount

Nightmaster QMD Mount

Anyone that uses a lamp for shooting knows the importance of correct alignment to ensure what you are actually aiming at is illuminated in the beam! This is paramount on a scope or accessory rail mounted lamp system, where it is not always possible to align the lamps full beam to that of the scopes vision.

The solution

The multi-directional mount is well-made, manufactured from high-grade aluminium and features a matt black anodised finish. It connects to the scope/rifle via a Picatinny/Weaver clamp, which has a built-in recoil arrestor bar. The mount is tightened via a single, large knurled edge and slotted side screw system. The height from the base to scope ring is 24.5mm, so it will easily clear a barrel or night vision sight, if sidemounted on these devices.

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Interestingly, the QMD uses an Optilock-type system of lamp securing within the ring mount. There is a 30mm and 25.4mm (1”) insert supplied and these are manufactured from a tough polycarbonate material, with a split cut to allow them to be slipped over the lamps body tube. Within each insert is a deeply grooved circumference that contacts the actual lamp body for a very secure hold.

With your chosen insert fitted to a lamp, all you have to do now is to fit this into the QMD mount, which has a tilt open clamp design, hinged at one side so the polycarbonate ring sits within the guide trough. Close the clamp and tighten to secure the lamp via the oversized top screw, which is easily tightened by hand, although a screwdriver slot is provided.


In use, the Picatinny/Weaver clamp system allows the mount to be attached to any scope, night vision or thermal mounted accessory rail. Then, simply loosen the large top screw and reposition the lamp so that the light beam is where you want it to be. Then, just retighten the top screw when the scope and lamp are aligned correctly and there you have it, it won’t move at all. If you need to re-adjust the position of the beam, just repeat the above, simple.


Often the simplest ideas are the best and this QMD mount from Night Master is just that, they make the best lamps and now the mounts to support them too. It’s very well made and can cope with 30mm or 1” lamp body sizes, although the latter is quite tight to get on. It solves that age-old problem of lamp to sight alignment and now you have no excuses for missing.

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  • Name: Night Master QMD Mount
  • Price: £39.95
  • Contact: Night Master - www.nightmaster.co.uk