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Sportsmatch UK ATP65 Fully Adjustable Two-Piece Scope Mounts

Sportsmatch UK ATP65 Fully Adjustable Two-Piece Scope Mounts

Shooting is a sport like many others, where the level of seriousness undertaken is purely down to the individual. If general enjoyment is the main aim then basic equipment can often suffice. At the top end, however, things are a little different. With my interest in HFT and FT air rifle shooting, for example, the quest for absolute precision has taken over, and more specialized equipment can therefore be required.

Zeroing the rifle/scope combination precisely is of paramount importance, and this is not always as easy as it should be. I’ve often had telescopic sights where, for one reason or another, the turrets run out of adjustment - necessitating a crude method of ‘packing’ one of the mounts to achieve ‘zero’. Not exactly ideal, as the scopes tube could actually be damaged whilst being clamped awkwardly in this manner - this is where corrective specialized mounts can play a big part.

The Solution

Sportsmatch UK are a British based company, and are renowned for their range of high quality mounts. Their latest new product to hit the shops is the ATP65 Fully Adjustable 2-piece mount set. Designed for 1 inch scopes and 9.5-11mm dovetails, they join an illustrious line-up. This ingenious design allows for full adjustment of the scope to zero (whilst the scope is attached to the rifle), purely by adjusting the MOUNTS – with just the final tweaks on the scopes turrets.

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In their tech spec Sportsmatch claim that the mount was fully tested on a 25ft/lbs spring-powered air rifle, so as to prove that the settings would not shake loose. Under my rather less rigorous testing, a scope was placed onto one of my 12ft/lbs rifles for the first time, and a group at 25yds showed the impact to be 6 inches to the right, and 2.5 inches high. The task was to zero the scope, whilst not touching the turrets.

I have to say that the instructions, printed on the reverse of the packaging could have been slightly clearer, but once I had the confidence to experiment, it all fell into place.
Each mount has a movable top half which is locked into place by a screw. Before any adjustment is made, it’s vital that the locking screws on BOTH mounts are slackened, so as to allow for each ring body to move fractionally if necessary, and line up naturally – putting no strain on the scope body.  The locking screw is firstly slackened off, then, if elevation is required, a second screw is slackened on EACH mount, before the elevation adjuster itself (at the foot of the mount), is adjusted using a special ball ended Allen key. The subtle ball design allows for the key to be angled when awkward access is a problem. After a little experimentation, I found that slight adjustment in both front and rear mounts achieved my goal, but with more time, the same adjustment could be achieved whilst keeping height to a minimum if required. Adjustment here is approximately 30mm at 25yds for a quarter turn.

Windage is achieved by slackening the same screws initially, then adjusting the screw in the side of the mount. Adjustment is roughly 40mm at 25yds for a quarter turn.  All screws are then fully tightened, and if the impact is within an inch or so, then the scopes turrets can be used for final settings in the normal way if desired. I got to within half inch with the mounts, then made final ‘fine’ settings with the scope adjusters.

Another unique feature is that if both mounts are simultaneously adjusted, the actual height of the mounts (i.e. sight line) can be adjusted. Similarly, lateral adjustment can be achieved to set the scope to the exact centreline of the barrel. Finally, this mount would allow for the optically centring of the scope – before adjusting for zero – to put the eye-line at the exact centre of the lenses.

These mounts and adjusters are beautifully engineered and at £70 for the pack they represent a sound investment.

  • Sportsmatch UK ATP65 Fully Adjustable Two-Piece Scope Mounts - image {image:count}

    click on image to enlarge

  • Sportsmatch UK ATP65 Fully Adjustable Two-Piece Scope Mounts - image {image:count}

    click on image to enlarge

  • Sportsmatch UK ATP65 Fully Adjustable Two-Piece Scope Mounts - image {image:count}

    click on image to enlarge


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