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I always say it but I am intensely proud of what NUPROL, as a UKbased business, have achieved in the global market; utilising their hardwon contacts in the Far East and beyond, and clocking up horrendous hours of travel in the process, they really do search out what we want and need and bring it to the UK, most importantly ensuring things are fully legal and supported.

From their first modest stand at the IWA show in Germany I’ve seen them having more and more of a presence there, and consequently their reach is now far beyond our native shores, with a regular attendance at SHOT in the USA, just concreting their place in the industry.

Now, NUPROL have had a solid range of different optics for some time now, but most of those have been the ‘Tactical’ style. You might argue that given the realistic shooting range of an airsoft replica, this is really all that’s needed, other than on a rifle or carbine. But NUPROL have, if you’ll pardon the pun, looked at this long and hard and come up with a neat, compact range of magnified optics, of decent quality, at a sensible price.

DMR ready

I’ve been running a 1.1-4x25 MilDot optic on my airsoft DMR for a while now, and recently tried using this on my gas AR, and I’ve been pretty happy with the result. However, this is a ‘real steel’ model and therefore was not a cheap buy! In the new range, NUPROL offer a real cracker in the form of the NP Optics – 1.25-5x26 IR; this is a super-clear optic that boasts some excellent mechanical features, not often seen on such an affordable sight, as it retails around the £110 mark.

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The windage and elevation dials can be popped and locked into place to avoid any accidental changes made to your zero. The mount is also included and bolts straight onto the sight tube with twelve bolts in total, so the whole unit becomes rock solid once mounted on your top-rail. The illumination is great too, thanks to the variable brightness and with three (RGB) colour options, you have a very crisp outline of the main central dot and outer ring that does not distract from your target, be it at 1.25 or the optional 5x max zoom; this excellent sight really works very well and everyone I’ve shown it to thus far has been impressed!


In relation to more ‘traditional’ optics, there are three new models. The NP Optics - 4x32 IR at £39.99, 3-9x40 IR at £59.99, and 3-9x50 IR at £79.99, so you can really find the ideal airsoft sniper scope that works for you, should you wish to take out a target at distance. Thanks to the wide selection of colour and brightness modes on the reticles, you can take out your target in any lighting condition, be it outdoors or in built-up urban environments. The NUPROL scopes all come with 20mm rail mounts and airgun mounts too; they’re very easy to set up, rock solid once fitted and add very minimal weight to your rifle.

Now, although these well-priced optics are perfect for airsoft replicas and carbines, I have also tried them on air rifles and they work perfectly; in fact, the felt recoil from my semi-auto only full-travel open bolt gas AR is a bit more than you’d feel from an air rifle and the optics all retain zero after extended use! I’ve yet to try the 1.25-5x26 IR on a .22 rimfire AR in any meaningful way as yet, but I’m confident in saying that this optic will probably hold up well on the range; I’ll report back on that more fully at a later date, when I’ve been able to give it some extended use.


This is a completely new line for NUPROL and once again I have to say that their sourcing has been exemplary. It’s a tight line of magnified optics right now, but I sincerely hope that we’ll see more models in the future!



  • Prices: 4x32 IR: £39.99 3-9x40 IR: £59.99 3-9x50 IR: £79.99 1.25-5x26: £110
  • Contact: NUPROL. www.nuprol.com


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