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TLSFx Ltd Airsoft Grenades, Smoke and Pyrotechnics

TLSFx Ltd Airsoft Grenades, Smoke and Pyrotechnics

Anybody in the Airsoft industry will know of TLSFx Ltd and their range of products, but a lot has changed in the last couple of years to help TLSFx stay ahead of the competition.

Knowledgeable and jovial Tony Lewis has always put safety, excitement and reliability at the forefront of the any pyrotechnic devices produced by TLSFx and used correctly they’re great fun… rain or shine. So at this time of year when players and retailers are gearing up for a change in the weather, although some of us do like to get dirty kit, it’s time to look at why TLSFx are considered the experts in this industry.

Gen 3 and Beyond

Tony started off with a range of cost-effective products and has maintained that cutting edge with a range of realistic, safe and fun devices but still fully focused innovation. The generation 3 products have been out for a couple of years now, and this really stepped up the game with serious MilSim competitors, with M10 Grenades, M11 Multiburst, M12 Flash-bang, M13 Thermobaric, and M14 Smoke Deployment Devices, with the optional fly off lever that would enhance anyone’s kit and adapted as ideal training devices by the MOD & Police.

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The next giant leap forward in build quality and improved performance is the Byotechnics® range – the eco-friendly byoplastic used in the Byotechnics® ball grenades and crackers won’t have any adverse effects on the environment as, being bio-degradable, they will literally disappear within a few months. In fact you could eat one, but it’s not that tasty, so we’re told. The Byo units are slightly more expensive then the cardboard units, but a reduced manufacturing time has helped keep the new units at the old price.

The tried and trusted range of MK3, 4 and 5s all use the new Byo crackers, but the proven MK7s and, MK9 Thunderflashes, Canisters and the Stick Grenades cannot be improved upon. So, as the saying goes: “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it!”

New Improvements

TLSFx also manufacture other products such as, DVs, (dual vents), LTSP, (low toxicity smoke projectors), Thermo range of Thermo Single-Bang, Thermo Multi-Bang and, of course, Thermo Smokes. These are all getting a face-lift with a new pull cap system which will be tested over the next few months before going public, so keep an eye on the website for details – the new Byo grenades will be fitted with these by the summer. This is to add to the safety and ease of use, and looks authentic, something that Tony always insists upon. He a great historian of the ammo of old and of all things related to what we enjoy, this really shines through in the products – they care about what they do and, as Tony quite happily states, it’s not all about the money but about the product and the enjoyable experience.

Battle Boxes

Another novel idea to assist the customer are TSLFx Battle Boxes; they are the ideal way of experiencing a wider range of devices. Sold in two sizes, they range from Woodland, CQB, Urban or Tactical – now if that doesn’t cover it all I don’t know what will.

Movie Magic

Because of Tony and his team’s experience they are frequently asked to do specialist work for film (such as on James Bond & Star Wars movies), stage, TV, documentaries and battle re-enactment events, and Tony and been involved in creating special effect scenarios since 1993, one great example is TLSFx Stalingrad on You Tube, please visit the following link at www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8kJQVG3MjI. It’s all just in a day’s work!

  • TLSFx Ltd Airsoft Grenades, Smoke and Pyrotechnics - image {image:count}

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  • TLSFx Ltd Airsoft Grenades, Smoke and Pyrotechnics - image {image:count}

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  • TLSFx Ltd Airsoft Grenades, Smoke and Pyrotechnics - image {image:count}

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