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Accessory Rail QD Stud

Accessory Rail QD Stud

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Rowan Engineering is now well known for their comprehensive range of accessories, primarily aimed at the airgun market; and their Accessory Rail QD Stud is a perfect example of what they do best.

‘QD’ stands for quickdetachable, as this stud effectively offers a proper mounting point for a variety of add-on accessories. Seeing as it is machined from stainless steel, it is both super strong and corrosion-resistant. Fitting the stud to the underside of the gun does require a builtin recessed accessory rail, but many rifles now come with these as standard. Amazingly, the internal rail dimensions are largely standardized too. Check Rowan’s website for the required dimensions in any case. Then it’s just a case of attaching the QD Stud and off your go! It just slides into the standard accessory rail and is then secured in position by gently tightening the two M4 grub screws. You now have a rigid attachment point for a sling swivel or bipod. Precisely machined and finished, as you would expect from Rowan Engineering, this QD Stud is a neat little addition to any rig, that can help transform handling at a stroke.

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  • Name: Accessory Rail QD Stud
  • Price: £15.95
  • Contact: Rowan Engineering www.rowanengineering.com