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Carbon Fibre Buddy Bottle

Carbon Fibre Buddy Bottle

Since their inception Best Fittings have undoubtedly grown into the UK’s ‘go to’ company for all things related to compressed air including charging gear and any and all associated kit relating to the upkeep of a PCP airgun. Moreover, they now offer a selection of many peripheral items of kit including the now highly popular and dare I say in-vogue Carbon Fibre Composite buddy bottles now seen on many of the latest high-spec production rifles.

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However, not ones to let the older guard miss out, BF can supply CFC bottles for many popular and classis PCP air rifles such as (albeit used) the Theoben Rapid Mk1. This 500cc bottle has a 300-bar working pressure and comes ready fitted with a Best Fittings rebuildable valve (neck thread M18 x 1.5). It has an overall length of 310mm (including valve) and a diameter of 60mm. The main bonus of this type of bottle is they’re much lighter than aluminium – in fact, as they weigh only 650-grams they’re actually 280-grams lighter than the ally equivalent. Of equal interest is the valve can be alternatively configured to suit the BSA SuperTen and BSA R-10 air rifles.

An important note for those interested in getting a bottle for the R-10 is that they can also now supply Carbon Fibre Composite bottles in sizes of 220cc & 300cc.

Please check the company website for availability, pricings and for the full selection of CFC bottles that are currently available.

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  • Name: Carbon Fibre Composite Theoben MkI 500cc Buddy-Bottle
  • RRP: £150
  • Contact: Best Fittings: bestfittings.co.uk