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Rowan Engineering Air Stripper

Rowan Engineering Air Stripper

Visit any Hunter Field Target or FT event, and you’ll be amazed at the number of shooters who use air strippers, but the benefits aren’t confined to competition.

The intriguing science is all about altering the airflow behind the pellet. As the pellet exits the barrel, it then enters a small cone which strips away turbulent air, leaving the pellet to continue on its way in as calm a state as possible. In practice, the movement of the cone fractionally alters the harmonics of the barrel too, so in theory, a barrel can be ‘tuned’ to be more accurate. This is fascinating science indeed, but Rowan Engineering’s Air Strippers look good too.

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Their super refined design is now available for a variety of airgun makes, including Air Arms, Daystate, Weihrauch, Steyr, and BSA (specifications will vary slightly for different makes). The stripper on show here has a 1/2” UNF fitting, so threads straight onto a barrel or adaptor.

These air strippers can be supplied black anodized, or in natural aluminium. The internal cone itself has 8mm of forward/backwards adjustment and can be specified in aluminium, black or brass, to contrast with the body colour. Beautifully made to Rowan’s usual standard, these are the perfect accessory for the airgun enthusiast.

The air strippers are available from Rowan direct, so check out their website for a full list of models and prices.

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  • Name: Rowan Engineering Air Stripper
  • Thread: ½ inch UNF
  • Finish: Black Anodized or Natural Aluminium
  • Price: £54.95 & £52.95 respectively
  • Contact: Rowan Engineering - www.rowanengineering.com