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AR15 pistol grips

AR15 pistol grips

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There are so many after-market pistol grips deigned to fit the AR15 lower the choice is staggering; well here are two more to consider! First up a familiar design from MFT – the Engage Tactical Pistol Grip (EPGI16). It follows the Magpul M1AD design with a main frame complete with extended, fill-in back strap extension to give more support to the web of the hand to give a better trigger finger position. Add in three different shaped front and back, slide-on straps and a water-proof storage compartment with rubber divider and it’s a good un’. It comes with pins to retain the front and back straps securely and overall it’s a practical design. A bit simpler is the Trinity Force WBG06 that looks not unlike the FAB Defence unit (top left). It’s a simpler, one-piece build with three finger grooves for added stability and the same extended back strap as the Engage though with a hinged storage compartment. The surface is textured on the back strap and between the finger grooves too.

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