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Blackhawk Knoxx SpecOps Stock Gen III and Forend

Blackhawk Knoxx SpecOps Stock Gen III and Forend

In terms of felt recoil, semi-auto shotguns are generally well behaved, not so pump-actions! I decided to practicalise my old Remy 870, as I have always favoured pistol grip stocks, as they offer more control and these days I’m not so tolerant of the kick when shooting a lot. The solution seemed to be the Blackhawk/ Knoxx SPECOPS stock Gen III, I recall testing the original in 2009 and it seemed to work. Essentially, the butt/stock stayed in the shoulder and the gun recoiled into it then out again by return springs in the grip and buffer tube.


The Gen III™ Stock is an updated and simplified version. The system sees a slide adaptor that replaces the standard 870 butt, which engages in rails in the butt/pistol grip unit; when together, these two are retained by a cross bolt. Recoil reduction is mechanically brought about by a pair of coil springs in the buffer tube, one inside the other, which butt up against the tail of the slide adaptor. Secondary, is a thick, ventilated 1.5” open cell recoil pad.

With the butt properly shouldered, on firing the gun/slide adaptor moves back under recoil into the butt/pistol grip unit, so compressing the springs. This acts to reduce primary recoil and decelerate the gun until it stops, then the springs reassert and pushes it out again. This takes moments and you barely notice the movement. Further kick is absorbed by the thick rear pad. In use, it seems to work, with a definite felt reduction in shoulder feel, although I did notice a bit of cheek nip, where the telescopic butt steps down to the buffer tube diameter. A foam cover would probably stop that!

Easy enough

The butt is easy to fit, once you’ve removed the old one and you can leave the trigger mech in place. First, take the weight of the spring and remove the cross bolt and then slide the adaptor over the stub at the rear of the receiver and screw in the securing Allen bolt. Now slide the butt/grip assembly so that it engages the adaptor, take the weight and insert the cross bolt and you’re done.

However, it doesn’t stop there, as the package includes a replacement forend, compete with hand stop and a short section of Picatinny rail that can be mounted, front left or right for lights etc. Both this and the pistol grip are textured for grip, a tube spanner is included to easily swap the forends over. The butt offers 6-positions and is controlled by the usual, ‘pull-up’ latch so no problems on length of pull (LOP), there’s also a cross bolt to clamp it in position when you’ve found your correct LOP, plus sockets for QD swivels. Also, with the butt off, or at its shortest setting, the SPECOPS butt does not drop your gun under the 40” overall length and 24” barrel minimum for a shotgun.


  • Price: £196.10
  • Contact: Edgar Brothers Ltd; shootingsports. edgarbrothers.com blackhawk.com


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