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Devil Dog Conceots Hard Charger

Devil Dog Conceots Hard Charger

Most modern straight-pull AR15’s use a side-cocking receiver, for example my SGC Speedmaster offers both port and starboard handles, for the ultimate in operation! However, there are also those who are stuck in the dark ages and prefer the standard and original T-handle mainly for the look of the thing. Very cool but don’t come crying to me when you get hard extraction!

Hard Facts

So what can these poor unfortunates do if they want to try and improve performance, short of some major surgery? Well enter the Devil Dog Concepts Hard Charger, which is in essence a DIY side cocking system. The unit consists of three major components – the base with a Picatinny clamp and mounting tube (receiver) on the left; obviously the charger is only for flat-topped receivers. Inside the tube is the operating handle and push rod. A modified T-handle and latch (charging handle) is supplied that is actuated by the operating handle.

Easy Fit

Assembly is simple; open the rifle and remove the original T-handle, bolt and carrier. Fit the receiver to the most forward slot of the Picatinny rail and tighten the mounting clamp (Allen key supplied) thread lock is recommended. Insert the charging handle and rod. The charging handle has a tube that engages with the pull handle and the first ½” is slotted at 12 o’clock, which allows the rod and tube to engage and locate as the new handle is offered up. This is done to allow the handle to locate in the cut-outs inside the upper receiver.

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Finally re-insert the bolt and carrier and close the rifle.

Pull & Release

The operating handle is short but there’s enough to get hold of and it goes like this; the first ½” of travel actuates the T-handle locking catch and further movement pushes the handle fully rearwards to cycle the bolt. Then just let go and the action will close, feed and chamber. Like any hybrid straight-pull, the Hard Charger can be ammunition-sensitive with higher-pressure loads. I ran it with PPU 55 factory and my 69-grain Sierra BTHP Match King reloads and it proved reliable.

For a right hander you have to let go of the front end to cycle the rifle, whereas the Hard Charger seems ideal for left handers. Two things to bear in mind; when fitted, it takes up space on the flat top, so you might have to re-think your scope mounting set up. And as it’s bolted on, you will need to ensure it stays secure on the Picatinny base, as it’s going to get a lot of work!

PRICE: £195
Defence Mechanisms, +44 (0) 7968 349908, defencemechanisms.co.uk
North West Custom Parts, 0161 408 1155, nwcustomparts.com

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