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FAB Defence AR GL-Shock Stock and Monopod

FAB Defence AR GL-Shock Stock and Monopod

Recently, I decided to replace the factory laminate stock on my Mossberg MVP rifle with an MDT chassis system. It’s designed to uses an AR15 buffer tube to allow the use of the many and varied AR butts available. I decided on a telescopic (CAR15-style) which makes it easy to adjust length of pull (LOP) and also make the MVP a bit easier to stow, as you can reduce overall length. I chose FAB Defense’s GL-Shock design, which features a height-adjustable comb. In addition, it’s modular in design, so allowing you to fit your own butt pad sections. As luck would have it I stumbled across a true gem of an accessory – a buttpad with an integral and fully adjustable mono-pod.

From the outset, FAB Defense has designed the rifle stock to fit M4, M16, and AR15 buffer tubes and constructed it out of mil-spec polymer, so that it can stand up to any amount of abuse thrown at it. The adjustable cheek-piece comes attached and functions by loosening a knob on each side, then sliding the moving section to the desired height. Once positioned and tightened up, it’s good and solid with basically no flex at all, offering 30mm of range above the buffer tube. There are also integrated QD sling swivel connectors on both sides.

The LOP is adjusted using the inversed positioning lever, which is simple and effective. Being able to accommodate both mil-spec and all commercial buffer tubes means that there is a risk that the stock can wobble slightly. I found that the anti-rattle mechanism helped with this, there is a raised tab within the buffer tube housing, which is slightly flexible and ensures that there is a constant pressure on the buffer tube, thus helping to eliminate as much movement as possible. The GL-Shock in the title describes a patented shock absorbing mechanism, which is essentially a large integral spring, designed to reduce recoil and to allow greater control for military users during fully automatic fire.

Clip-on and press in

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By removing the buttpad, there is also a water-tight storage compartment for two CR123A batteries, which may come in useful if you are running lights, lasers or NV equipment. Alternatively, there is the opportunity to replace the existing butt pad with what FAB Defense calls the MBA (mono-pod add-on). While looking for a new stock there were no designs in this price range that offered the ability to attach a monopod either via a QD stud or a piece of Weaver/Picatinny rail.

This is a particularly costeffective and refreshing engineering solution from FAB Defense. The metal monopod leg features a rubber foot at its base and extends around 55mm from the buttpad via a solid, sprung flush button, allowing the user to get the general height required quickly. Fine adjustment is provided by rotating the foot, which increases the length of the monopod to a total of 150mm! By pressing the button you can quickly retract the initial 55mm but have to wind in the rest.

Built to a high-standard with a lifetime guarantee, costeffective and packed full of features makes this combination well worth a look! My thanks to North West Custom Parts, who supplied the buffer tube!


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  • FAB Defence AR GL-Shock Stock and Monopod - image {image:count}

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  • Name: FAB Defense GL-Shock Stock and Monopod
  • Weight: Stock: 399-grams; Monopod: 216-grams
  • Price: GL-Shock Stock: £69.95; Monopod Add-on: £52.95 Contact: Rifleworks www.rifleworks.co.uk


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