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Mauser M 03 Picatinny rail

Mauser M 03 Picatinny rail

As one of the three major switch-barrel rifles available to the UK shooter, the Mauser M 03 features a quick detachable (QD), receiver-mounted scope base. Unlike the Blaser R93, which is very similar in its barrel change/retention system, the M 03 user has to remove the scope, so the barrel can come off. The R93 does not as the optic is attached to the tube.

I have been using an M 03 for over a year now and in that time have explored the various scope mounting options. The base unit is standard across the board and uses three-lug rotors that engage with mirror image sockets in the front and rear receiver bridges. Locking is by a throw lever and the whole thing comes down good and tight and more importantly offers 100% repeatability.

1”, 30mm or Rail

Options here are 1” or 30mm rings to accommodate the two most popular, scope body tube diameters and a European rail mount. This last consists of a U-shaped trough with horizontal slots in the base that engage with lugs in a long, integral keel on the bottom of the scope body. Slightly less flexible in terms of eye relief than rings, but very strong and secure.

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I have all three options for my rifle and have no real complaints, though at times I do miss the flexibility of a more universal fitting like a 1” Weaver-type or Picatinny base that can accept the standard, US claw mounts/rings. For example if I wanted to fit a red dot sight for driven game, I would be very limited in my choice. Likewise night vision.

Free Basing

Mauser has now got this covered with their Picatinny rail system, which consists of the standard mount fitted with a section of 1” Weaver/Picatinny base complete with recoil slots. With an identical QD/return to zero facility you now have the choice of using optics with what we in the UK might consider a standard, American mounting option.

I fitted up the rail with an Aim Point Micro red dot and it proved ideal. In use with a scope on top in normal rings you need to be aware of the height, as the rail combined with medium/high rings does increase the bore/scope line, which can give cheek weld problems if not accounted for by some form of comb raiser.

However, the versatility of beign able to carry a standard optic with the option of putting on a red dot, or night vision scope quickly and easily is very attractive. As an M 03 owner you may never feel the need, but if you do you now have the option…

PRICE: £306

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