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Timney Mossberg 100 ATR Short Action Trigger

Timney Mossberg 100 ATR Short Action Trigger

Mossberg have recently seen great success in the USA with their new line of MVP rifles. They also offer an MDT chassis system package, as well as their own Flex Modular System.

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Riding this wave, Timney offers the Mossberg 100 ATR Short Action Trigger as a direct replacement for the factory Lightning bolt action unit (L.B.A.) This self-contained, drop-in unit has a CNC machined aluminum housing, with heat-treated steel trigger and Teflon nickel-coated sear, making it high quality and long lasting. It also includes a two position trigger blocking side safety. It’s fully adjustable sear engagement and pull weight can be set from 1.5 to 4lbs. The action needs to be removed from the stock to do this!

Fitting is easy; remove the bolt and the action from the stock. With a Phillips screwdriver remove the screw that retains the L.B.A. factory unit. The Timney replaces it and uses the original fitting screw. Now do a basic test for function and safety. In use, the trigger blade dimensions gave a comfortable finger position and a superb break. The trigger is compatible to a number of Mossberg rifles, check the website for details.

PRICE: £162.20
CONTACT: www.brownells.co.uk

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