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Benelli ComforTech Stock Spacer

Benelli ComforTech Stock Spacer

If you own a Benelli with the ComforTech style stock it can be difficult to increase the length of pull (LOP). Initially, there was only one stock length offered, 13” with a 1” butt pad, which is very short, even for those with short arms. If like me, you need a 15.5” (LOP) things can get tricky.

From 2014 onwards, the stock length was increased to 13.5” with the option of either a 1” or 1.3” pad. For shooters like me, this was still not enough. The only remedy was either expensive custom work or a slip-on pad extension with various bits of high-density foam and lots of tape. The short LOP was the most common, if not the only complaint I ever heard about Benelli’s and I know it put some shooters off from purchasing one.

The Solution

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Enter Steve Barnes, who has come up with a solution. It is a spacer that fits in between the stock and the butt pad without the need for any expensive alteration work by a gunsmith. Simply take off the pad, push the spacer into the stock and then push the pad into the spacer. The extension adds .6”, so combined with a 13.5” stock and a 1.3” recoil pad, LOP becomes 15.4”.

Steve has spent a lot of time and money to overcome the problem. I hate to think how many moulds for the spacer and prototypes he must have made to get it right! The pictures show just how easily the spacer fits the gun, it is made from a hard rubber that when fitted, looks great.


I had an M2 in from GMK for review at the same time as the spacer arrived so was able to give it a proper test. The spacer took two minutes to fit and did so perfectly. Some petroleum jelly is included to aid getting it on, this definitely helped as the fit is snug. It also helped enormously with removing the spacer when the test was completed. During use, I never detected any movement between the stock, extension spacer or butt pad. There was also no change to the cast or drop of the stock, which may seem obvious, but the part has to be made very well to ensure this does not happen.


If you have a Benelli with a ComforTech style stock and need to increase the LOP, then get in touch with Steve. It is worth noting that his spacer will also fit some of their other styles of stock as well. It is very good value, and when you consider the development costs and the fact that a new Benelli is going to set you back over £1000, what’s another £49.95 to make it fit properly?

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  • Benelli ComforTech Stock Spacer - image {image:count}

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  • Benelli ComforTech Stock Spacer - image {image:count}

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  • Name: Benelli ComforTech Stock Spacer/Lengthener
  • Price: £49.95
  • Contact: www.benellistockspacer.com


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