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H-S Precision Rifle Stocks

H-S Precision Rifle Stocks

My first decent hunting rifle had an H-S Precision stock and it was probably the first time I’d ever had a proper bit of furniture on a factory gun. I’m sure it was the main reason why my Riflecraft Remy 700 LSR shot so well. H-S is now being handled by Will Westlake’s Barton Gunworks, better known for their range of moderators and scope mounts.

Take two

The best way to see what H-S offer is to get on their website, then speak to Will; however, I got the chance to have a look at a couple of examples, the PST052 - TACTICAL is a standard pistol grip type for a Winchester Model 70, the PST083 - TACTICAL THUMBHOLE for a Remy 700. They are made from a dense polyurethane foam, Kevlar, fiberglass, and woven carbon fibre all surrounding an aluminium bedding block, complete with recoil pocket and pillar bedding.

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H-S offers 28 colour options and a number of camo finishes (which are £80 extra) including snow and desert plus normal patterns, all have a web over the top that aids in hold and adhesion. The PST052 was in Green Tan Camo, consisting of tan and olive drab in non-specific shapes with a black over web. More eye-catching was the PST083, which is black and tan with a white web; which puts me in mind of German Stollen cake.

Nuts and bolts

These two are quite similar and are also fully adjustable for length of pull (LOP) and comb height and feature a slightly unusual adjustment system. The butts are both more rectangular than angled, pistol grips are very upright with a curved shape on the PT052 and near vertical on the PST083.

The adjustable LOP section (complete with thick recoil pad) is more a long socket that sleeves over the butt, with the adjuster wheel integral, all rather neat and discrete. Maximum length is 15.5” and minimum 14”. The comb runs on vertical rods and again is controlled by a small wheel, inset into the underside of the butt. Measuring from the comb, minimum height is 0.25” and maximum 2”. Though preferring the thumbhole layout, I note that the build reduces the length of the front pillar, due to the scalloped-out shape of the aperture, which affects stability a little at maximum extension.

Like any decent custom stock, the build is capable of being machined, if required, to accommodate wider barrels and action bedding. The barrel channel is 7/8” at the front and 1.5” at the re-enforce and 0.5” deep. Twin sling studs are set in the forend with one under the butt. H-S also offer box magazine kits (3, 5 and 10-round) and replacement bottom metal.

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  • Name: H-S Precision rifle stocks
  • Prices: PST083 & PT052 £750 Non-adjustable £600 Magazines Flush mag and floor plate £420 Flush only £130 Med only £140 High capacity £150
  • Contact: Barton Gunworks; www.bartongunworks.com H-S Precision; www.hsprecision.com


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