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PSE Composites Stocks

PSE Composites Stocks

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PSE-Composites, a father-and-son business based in the Republic of Ireland, is leading the way in high-end rifle stock manufacturing. Edmund and his son Peter founded PSE-Composites in 2010 following little success in finding a suitable composite stock to fulfil their needs. Seven years later, following an era of continuous development, PSE is supplying high-end, hand-made carbon rifle stocks to hunters, target shooters and military/police around the globe. Both hunting and tactical carbon fibre stocks are currently available for Tikka T3 and Remington 700 type actions. Furthermore, PSE now supplies Schultz and Larsen, a well-known Danish rifle manufacturer with carbon stocks for their 2017 range of rifles.

New this year, PSE has on offer the E-Tac 4 carbon fibre stock. This stock is available in Ultra-Light or Mil-Spec versions for the Tikka T3 CTR. In addition, PSE can factorybed all Tikka T3 stocks to eliminate the need for end-users to have their stocks bedded when received. Later in 2017, the E-Tac 4 will replace the original E-Tac stock and will be available for Remington 700 type actions (short and long), as well as the Blaser R8. PSE-Composites aims to use the E-Tac 4 stock as a base for new product development with rifle manufacturers

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