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SP Eye Dominance

SP Eye Dominance

Shotgun shooting is all about a good fit of the gun and natural swing combined with correct eye alignment and consistency.

It is common, me included, to alter position, cheek height and hold if you start missing things, and some people shoot with one eye or both open, and then change that around. This leads to inconsistencies and lost birds, so shootsp.co.uk are marketing a new eye dominance and controlling sight that is designed to instil a subconscious view of your hold, mounting and shooting of the shotgun without you thinking about it.

It is a small sight that attaches to the side of the shotgun barrels’ rib and is not used as a sight for aiming but as a peripheral aid so that the dominant eye chooses that image to aim with the SP sight in and not your other eye. In this way your brain closes off the other eye’s image and focuses, literally, on the correct down the rib view for complete consistency.

The SP sight comes with a good set of instructions for setting up and shooting from a gun down or up position.


The kit comes in a stainless steel tin with one sight, self-adhesive strips and cleaning swab.

It also works for both left and right-handed shooters, lefties just need to reverse steps 3 and 4.

Step 1:

Swab the barrel or mid rib area of two-inches between the barrels about 1-2-inches back from the muzzles and swipe in one direction only.

Step 2:

Hold the SP sight and remove the backing tape and position one-inch back from the muzzles on the mid rib between the barrels. (just press lightly to hold as you might ned to re-position to suit your eyes.

Step 3:

Hold the gun in the ready position and close your left eye (right for left-handers) and now you should see the SP sight.

Step 4:

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In the same ready position now close your right eye (left eye for lefties). Now you should not be able to see the SPs sight with your left eye. If you can reposition the sight backwards slightly or forwards until it is no longer in your vision.

Step 5:

When you are happy with the position then press the SP down for 10 seconds which activates the adhesive and the SP is now set and non-moveable.

Gun down shooting style

As you mount the shotgun you will notice the SP with your shooting eye but not the other. It is important to focus on the clay or bird and not the SP sight. If the SP is in your peripheral vison it is working correctly as you need to keep both eyes open whilst shooting. In this way the brain chooses the correct image with the SP in and not the wrong eye. If you don’t see the SP sight then your mounting has changed and so it can be corrected. It becomes a subconscious reminder without actually looking at it; very clever.

Gun up shooting style

This is handy for Trap or Sporting layouts. Because the gun is already mounted the SP sight might be in vison all the time so the dominant eye should still see the correct position of the SP each shot. You can adjust the SP further up the barrel for clear vison of it and then the eye naturally gets use to it being it that certain position and the other eyes vision is not used in preference.

In use

We set it up on my son, Jake’s, Browning 20g and after a bit of repositioning we had it just perfect so that from his right shoulder and with both eyes open, only his right eye saw the SP sight. This automatically meant his brain used this vision as the aiming eye for the rib. It won`t work if you just use one eye closed. Also, parallax effect means the gun barrels at first may appear as a split image i.e. two sets if you are not used to shooting with both eyes open. So, practice with an empty gun in front of the mirror and practice mounting and becoming familiar with the shooting technique and both eyes open.

If you want to practice on clays then it is best to start off with high crows, incomers, driven or teal targets to accustom yourself to seeing the SP sight in your peripheral vison. All lead and swing etc. remains the same.

Also, once mounted, it is best to shoot quickly as if your other eye, the non-aiming eye is more dominant it might take over the image. However, with practice the correct eye that sees the SP can be ‘trained’ to be the more dominate eye.

If the lighting conditions are tricky or low, then a small glance at the SP sight initially will help engage the eye momentarily before you aim down range and take the shot. You can order special low light and coloured versions of the SP sight if you like.

Most importantly, give it a go and practice, it may not be natural to start with, new things/ techniques seldom are, but stick with it and you will see an improvement and it does become second nature after a while.


It’s an interesting piece of kit that looks unassuming, which it is meant to be but can have a big presence when you start hitting more clays!

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  • Name: Shoot SP
  • RRP: £39.99
  • Contact: shootsp.co.uk