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Airgun Xmas Products

Airgun Xmas Products

Their Adjustable Trigger Blade with ‘match-style’ shoe is available in various styles for many popular makes. All kits come with Allen keys and comprehensive fitting instructions. The design offers 10mm forward/ backwards adjustment with ‘shoe’ rotation setting while also having a twin height position setting. They now supply a unit to fit the Steyr LG 100 FT which can be purchased with four trigger shoe options. Available in Natural Aluminium, Black Anodised or Brass.

Price: from £38.95

Contact: Rowan Engineering, 01295 251188 www.rowanengineering.com


Napier Power Pellet Lube

Many airgunners realise the benefits of ‘lubing’ pellets as it not only helps them perform to their optimum level of efficiency when travelling up the barrel but also prevents them from oxidising should you irregularly leave the lid off your pellets or while they are in a pellet pouch. Power Pellet lube is available in a 25ml Pump Aerosol that helps you distribute the lube ‘evenly’ over ammo.

Price: SRP£8.60

Contact: Napier of London, 01235 812993 www.napieruk.com

Jack Pyke ‘Mini Spinner Targets’

There are two different ‘Mini Spinner Targets’ packs available - one containing two ‘double’ spinner s, with 20 and 25mm heads, the other four separate single spinners each holding either a 20, 25, 30 and 40mm diameter disc. Fixing is by a large, galvanised steel wood screw. The disc or discs are slipped onto the bolt and separated by a collar. The targets are designed to be ‘screwed sideways into a wooden post.

Price: £7.95 and £6.95 respectively

Contact: Jack Pyke of England 01234 740327 www.jackpyke.co.uk

Gas-Ram Struts

Blackpool Air Rifles can supply replacement ‘gas-ram’ struts to fit many popular spring- powered air rifles. Most are available ‘off-the-shelf,’ or can be in stock in a matter of days - they’re precision manufactured from high grade steels to the same exacting specifications as the originals and offer the benefits of a ‘true’ ‘gas-ram’ powered air rifle. Those being a faster lock time, less recoil and in some instances a higher level of accuracy.

Price: £64.95 for all models

Contact: Blackpool Air Rifles, 01253 627720. www.airgunbuyer.co.uk

See Thru’ Scope Mounts

See-through scope mounts allow a scope to be fitted but with access to the iron sights giving the best of both worlds. Manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium the HST46C 2-Piece Mounts from Sportsmatch UK have an elongated section machined out of their bases so you can look under the scope and clearly sight in on the target using the rifle’s ‘irons.’ However they only cater for scopes with 40mm objective lens housings as anything larger obscures your view.

Price: SRP£18.95

Contact: Sportsmatch UK Ltd, 01525 381638 www.sportsmatch-uk.com

Ammo on tap

Wilkins Pellet Pouches are a neat solution to ready use ammo. Hand-made in leather they come in five colours and three sizes- with the main bowl being either 3.5, 2.5, or 2”. They incorporate a neck cord and button-down, front-opening lid. The standard model can take around 125/.177” pellets (ample for any competition), and it`s larger brother can soak up almost an entire tin, or even rifle magazines.

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Prices: 3.5” £19.95, 2.5” £17.95, or 2” at £12.95

Contact: 01423 527700/ 01423 547222 www.wilkinspouches.com

Cylinder Carrying Strap

Divers’ bottles are heavy and cumbersome so anything that helps us carry them is beneficial. The Cylinder Carrying Strap uses two adjustable heavy-duty straps connected and coupled by a rubber carry handle. They wrap around the bottle and come back on themselves where you can draw them tight to the cylinder using buckle fasteners, to further add security the entire outer length has double sided Velcro. They are rubber-lined to aid grip and prevent slip - suitable for 3 – 15-litre bottles.

Price: SRP£12.50

Contact: Best-Fittings, 0845 456 1185 www.best-fittings.co.uk

Dr Bob’s HW100 buddy bottle conversion kit

CNC-machined the unit consists of an integral air gauge and quick fill inlet valve. The kit comes supplied with full fitting instructions and accepts a 200, 280, 400 or 500cc buddy bottle. Obviously the stock has to be modified as the bottle ‘sits’ lower f

Air Arms ‘Q-Tec’ Silencer

Manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium and measuring 195 X 31.5mm and weighing 184 grams, the ‘calibre-specific Q-Tec moddy is a sealed unit. However it’s a safe bet this efficient can follows a design layout that comprises of baffles and sound-deadening felt. The company state it’s also ‘designed using fluid dynamics and simulation systems to ensure superior performance.’ Available to suit all Air Arms rifles (11mm spigot), 1⁄2” UNF male (and a female variant) this superbly engineered unit is one of the quietest on the market.

Price: SRP£65

Contact: Air Arms, 01323 845853 www.air-arms.co.uk

Stick em’ Up!

Rangesports offers FT and other shooters their dedicated Sidewheel/Turret Label set. Printed on heat-laminated adhesive vinyl, the stickers are waterproof and hardwearing. The pack includes two sets, which allows for range markings to be added to turrets and parallax adjuster. With many shooters opting for customized ultra large side wheels to improve ranging ability the necessity for range markers has never been greater. This dedicated design makes the whole operation slick and professional for a very small outlay!

Price: £7.45.

Contact: Rangesports, 01202 854634 www.rangesports.com

Tracer LEDRay IR Torch

There are times when an extra and higher power IR torch is useful. Manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminium the 850nm rated, 25mm diameter 122mm long waterproof torch runs on either 3 X AAA Alkaline, 2 X CR123A batteries or a single 18650 re- chargeable. Operation is by an on/off tail switch for its high, medium and low modes. On high it’s capable of throwing out a 400m beam which can be adjusted from spot to flood and comes supplied with a Weaver-style mount.

Price: SRP£69.95

Contact: Deben Group Industries Ltd, 01394 387762 www.deben.com

Get Connected

The MTC 3 X 12 X 32WA Viper Connect Scope quickly became a favourite due to its wide field of view and depth of field. However it requires a re-think as eye relief is near zero. MTC has now developed a dedicated mount. Manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminium, the black anodised one-piece design retains the same width for the double screw front and single strap rear rings. The top cradle on the front ring has a 30mm Weaver/ Picatinny rail for lights or lasers.

Price: £35

Contact: MTC Optics, 01380 859572 www.mtcoptics.com

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