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Daystate Alpha Bipod

Daystate Alpha Bipod

Bipods have been around for a long time, and can transform our shooting, as they offer an ultra-steady platform. The new Alpha Bipod from Daystate, is a really slick piece of design, which clamps to any standard 20mm Picatinny style accessory rail. Made from high quality aluminium, the design allows for the leg base to swivel on its axis, or be tightened in position, and the angle of each leg can also be altered via very sturdy spring loaded side buttons. Individual leg height can be altered between 4.75-inches and 9-inches, this time via spring-loaded pull rings.

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In addition, a small adaptor block is included, which allows the bipod to be fitted via a rifle’s existing sling swivel eyelet, which is a neat idea. It also cants on a ball joint; so, all bases are covered. Overall then, a great design, with a level of rigidity and sturdiness that can’t fail to impress.

The new Alpha Bipod from Daystate, is available from all good gunshops, but for full dealer network information or trade enquires, contact Daystate directly.

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  • Name: Daystate Alpha Bipod
  • Price: £80
  • Contact: Daystate. www.daystate.com


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    Please can you confirm that this will fit a Daystate MK3

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