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Seeland Bipod & Tripod

Seeland Bipod & Tripod

Shooting sticks I’ve tried several but with the air rifl e over my shoulder and carrying them in my other hand they can prove to be more hassle than they’re worth. So when the Seeland Tripod in Erase XT camo and a Bipod in black came my way for test I wasn’t overjoyed, however, decided to rethink how to use them. There are times in summer when crops are high you need more elevation than a standard low bipod can give and anything that helps steady your aim for a telling shot has to be useful.

High Enough

When closed they measure 29” to the yoke and open a generous 72” so when the legs are opened out they’re high enough for most people. I also mention the closed length because they made handy lofting poles to place a few deeks around a hide this autumn.

When closed they’re held together by a permanently attached Velcro strap that stops them clacking together and infuriatingly as some do when walking a leg decides to go astray, often hitting something giving your presence away. The top sections are also coated with a Neoprene-type material that helps eradicate them knocking together in transit. This is also comfortable to hold when you deploy the sticks for taking a shot.


The bottom of each leg has a rubber foot that can be screwed up to reveal a metal spikes to cater for stability on any type of surface. The wide yoke that supports the forend swivels a full 360° and is ribbed inside to grip. What I particularly liked was the leg extension system, which consists of strong cam lever locks but above the lower leg is a foam ring so adjustment can be done quietly. They’re telescopic and strong but in-between the locks the extensions have a scale from 0 - 18” in 1” increments. This will allow you to set the high precisely on each leg.

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You definitely have to adapt to use sticks. One is to sit with them set as you wait in ambush or carry your rifl e under one arm while carrying the sticks already set to a height that suits you for standing, kneeling or seated shots. Without doubt they steady your aim and using air rifl e or rimfi re, I now take them for lamping, NV sessions and the occasional walkabout.


Overall design, strength and ease of use


Not a lot


Good sets of sticks well worth a look

PRICE: £79.99 and £99.99 respectively.

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  • Colour: Black or Erase XT camo