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Cluson Li-ion batteries

Cluson Li-ion batteries

The Editor fully tested the GL16 Lazer-Lite package that Cluson put together recently. A clever idea as it saves you cherry picking through their range; to produce something you want. Not long after he’d given it the thumbs up they released their Li-ion batteries, which I briefly mentioned in Products. But here’s the full SP on what is a most practical power source for the solo lamper.

Power to Weight Ratio

Li-ion batteries offer high performance in relation to their lightweight and compact dimensions. Confident in their effectiveness and reliability they’re offering two options - the PP16 and PP18. The former is a 12v 9.2amp/hr pack that will run a 12v 50watt Xenon bulb for 2.5 hours continuous. The latter will run the hungrier 100watt unit for one hour. As they are so light you can purchase another, so doubling the run time.

I got two PP16s in a black, leather-look belt carrier. When filled, it measures 8 X 4 1/4 X 3” at its deepest point. The waistband is adjustable up to 46” and even with the two cells on-board it only weighs 2.4lb! The integral battery maintenance system (BMS) helps to avoid damage or misuse and optimise power output.

One Pound Plus

The weight of the basic battery is approximately 1.2lb and measures 4.75 x 3 x 1.25”. It has a floating lead with either a jack or cigar socket connection. A mains charger completed the set up and their newly designed handle is free with all kits. I’ve tried the Lithium batteries so wondered how they’d fair with such power. Charging was exactly as stated with a re-charge taking five hours. When you first plug in, a red LED lights up to show it’s working, when full it turns green. If you thought it light with two batteries, consider this – I calculated a continuous run time after using up the power sources of over 2hrs.

Cluson has changed the way their lamps fit into their scope brackets and use the spade-type, G2 system for the new handle too. Just slide it into the socket and tighten up the thumb screw and voila - one hand-held unit. The spade section hinges a full 180°, which will allow you to maintain a comfortable grip but change angle to suit.

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The handle measures approximately 1” in diameter and gives a good grip thanks to the broad flat ribbing. There’s plenty to get hold of too and it positions your hand/thumb ideally for operating the 3-position switch at the rear of the unit. This is without doubt the future of lamping! Run time from the Li-ion batteries squash the lead acid types flat, and at times you forget you’re wearing the belt carrier.

•Name Clulite PP16 Li-ion Battery,  GS handle now comes with lamps

•Price £126 PP16 including P+P in the UK

•Contact Cluson Engineering Limited, 01730 264672 www.cluson.co.uk

•For: Li-ion batteries are the way forward

•Against: Not a lot

•Verdict: The future of lamping…

Pic Caps

1: All the kit you need as lamp man – I bet many wish it’d been like that 20-yrs or even 10-yrs ago! Note the neat battery charger and new handle
2: Neat, stylish, compact and unbelievable performance from such a compact power source

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