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GRS Beserk Stock

GRS Beserk Stock

GRS of Norway make innovative and practical, laminate rifle stocks; I should know I have one of their Sport/Varmints on my 6.5 Creedmoor custom. The build offers adjustable length of pull (LOP) and comb/cheekpiece, with their press button (Speedlock) system. Plus an L-shaped underside that acts as a gripping hook and an off-set and scalloped pistol grip that gives a natural hand position. Available in a number of models and inlets; GRS’s systems are the business!


However, the Berserk is their first moulded design and it’s a cracker! It’s made from 15% fibreglass and re-enforced Durethan.The build is based on the Sport/Varmint, though the lower butt section extends forwards more, making it easier to hold and ride a rear bag. The pistol grip and forend are 5% slimmer and show inset, textured rubber gripping sections and also pillar-bedded from the factory and fully inletted. The Speedlock adjusters are retained but the buttons are smaller. Flush cup, QD mounts and sling swivels are set in the left side of the stock, with a QD stud up front for a bipod.

In terms of dimensions etc the Berserk is lighter at 3.25 lbs compared to the 3.5 lbs of the Sport/ Varmint. The LOP adjustment is the same at 3cms (33.5-36.5cms) though the Limb Saver recoil pad is slimmer on the Berserk, so it’s shorter than the original LOP of 35-38 cms. Best of all, the price is £349.99 as opposed to £604.99. Though the trade off is it’s R/H and black-only and less inlets are available. With Tikka T3 (all calibres), Howa 1500/Weatherby Vanguard (short actions only), Remy 700 short and long actions and Savage 12 and 16 available.


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I dropped my Creedmoor into the Berserk and it went straight in and cinched down tight and even. First impressions are of a lighter and slightly handier build. GRS say it doesn’t need synthetic bedding and I would have to agree, as my rifle is still shooting ¼” with its pet load! My major concern with this sort of build is forend rigidity, but I need not have worried, as the generous free-floated barrel channel is rigid.

Much like a 308 Win, the 6.5 Creedmoor can be a bit snappy, a fact most evident with the Sport Varmint, so much so I fitted a brake. The Berserk did feel less lively, which I put down to the synthetic material absorbing recoil. I have no complaints at all and will probably be selling my Sport Varmint to get a Berserk, which I reckon speaks volumes!




Highland Outdoors Ltd; www.highlandoutdoors. co.uk (nearest dealer) www.grsriflestocks.com

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