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BSA Tactical Backpacks & Case Mat Gunbag

BSA Tactical Backpacks & Case Mat Gunbag

Sorry for the un-PC heading, but I use the term because the gun luggage on test has been part of the BSA accessory list for a very long time. Now, when a product can last that long and not become outdated and/or lacking, then it more often than not means they’re still relevant and of much use. That’s definitely the case (no pun intended) with the pair here on test.

Manufactured from heavyweight black polyester with industrial nylon zips, both have high-density foam padding, pockets along one side and are lined to fully protect your rifle from knocks and scrapes.

Back up

First up is the Tactical Backpack of which there are two options – a full length model (43-inches) and carbine (38-inches) here featured. While they differ in length, the width at the widest point on both is 13-inches and they’re 3-inches deep due to the generous amount of inner padding.

As the name implies it can be carried on the back like a rucksack thanks to the adjustable well-padded shoulder straps and a chest harness. These straps are detachable from the case due to QD clips that attach to D-rings positioned on one side of the bag. Extra D-rings are positioned on the case’s reinforced spine so you can use one of the straps to carry the case like an ordinary gun slip shoulder strap. The backpack also has two canvas webbing carry handles that Velcro together forming a very comfortable hold at its mid carrying position. It also boasts a large bellows-style pocket, two ‘buddy bottle’ type pouch pockets with flapped Velcro closures and a smaller pouch type pocket that’s large enough to take compact binos, laser rangefinder, radio etc… When open, the bellows pocket reveals an inner zip fasten slip pocket – ideal for storing documents, maps or shoot permission.

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The bag secures with a heavy-duty double zip opener and has an internal safety gusset at the rear plus two Velcro fasten securing straps to keep the rifle in place during transit. There’s also a nifty silencer pocket positioned on the inner top edge towards the base of the bag which has a strong elasticated opening.

On the case

Alternatively, the Casemat measures 48 x 12 x 3-inches making it roomy enough to take a scoped rifle with bipod and is ideal for virtually all full-length air rifles. As the name implies, due to the wrap-around heavy-duty double zip fastening, it can be fully opened out to use as a shooting mat. Also, it boasts a 22-inch long waterproof fold-out front extension that protects and prevents your elbows having to touch the ground.

It has the same number of pockets as the Backpack, but the bellows pocket is quite a bit larger, as is the inner zip fasten slip pocket. Carriage is catered for by double canvas webbing handles plus an adjustable canvas shoulder strap. A point of note is the padding on the Casemat is thicker but slightly more forgiving to strike a good balance between protection for your rifle and comfort when used as a shooting mat.


Incidentally, if you don’t require as many pockets or dislike the ‘Tactical Style’, BSA also offer a Polytwill gunbag that features doublereinforced end sections, plus a retaining flap for the rifle’s butt and a safe-stop zip which when open, retains the muzzle preventing it sliding from the case. There’s also a large external accessory pocket plus a securely zipped internal pocket.

But to recap on the ‘tac pacs, both the BSA Tactical Backpack and Casemat are great value for money, practical and offer a high level of protection for your air rifle.

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  • BSA Tactical Backpacks & Case Mat Gunbag - image {image:count}

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  • Name: BSA Tactical Backpack, Casemat and Polytwill Gunbag
  • RRP: £44.99, £44.99 & £35.90 respectively
  • Contact: BSA Guns Ltd: bsaguns.co.uk