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Wisport 120+ Riflecase

Wisport 120+ Riflecase

As rifle cases seem to carry more and more equipment alongside a gun and ammunition, there has been a large shift towards the more tactical drag bags, some of which open out to be used as a range mat. For those wanting to combine storage capacity with easy carriage and more discreet looks, the Wisport 120+ is a perfect solution.


With overall dimensions of 125 x 33 x 8cm, it’s made from 750 Cordura and is available in Olive Green, Brown, Black or several camouflage patterns (some at an additional cost). Lined with 30mm of removable egg box foam it’s destined to protect your equipment. There’s a 3-sided bi-directional zipper to open the bag out fully to make a ground mat, either to spread your kit out or lie on to shoot. Each side has a fabric trim to retain your rifle and there are three lateral elasticated straps to secure your gun in place.

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Wisport also makes a 100cm version for smaller guns, while this 120+ cm version also has a zippered pocket that extends 21cm to allow longer barrelled rifles (up to 145cm) to fit in. It perhaps does not offer as much protection as a longer case overall but is handy in certain circumstances. You can actually fit two guns into this case and Wisport now supplies a padded divider to slip between the two for close comfort without scratches and dings.


The two large pockets on the outside each measure 40 x 35cm (4.5-litre capacity) and incorporate smaller internals. So, there’s plenty of room for ammo, binoculars and spare clothing etc. Each outer pocket also supports a buckled strap to attach further gear and the now, de-rigeur Velcro square sits on the front to attach your own moral patches to.

The material is durable, doesn’t snag too much and also folds nicely, which makes long term storage easier. There are twin adjustable rucksack shoulder straps and a waistband for longer carries, but unlike some heavier duty cases, they are not padded. The 50mm wide straps are intended for occasional use rather than everyday carry. The middle handle is reinforced and supports the long rifle case well and the bag itself comes in at 2150-grams.


For larger sporting rifles or even a pair, I think it combines all the required factors well while remaining discreet. I have run one of these cases day in, day out for almost 5-years with an assortment of rifles and have really grown to appreciate its capabilities and more importantly, the chance to get a true idea of long term durability. For ease of picking the right case from the truck, I have now chosen the Olive Green version. However, the older one is still in daily service carrying expensive, loaned test kit that I cannot afford to get scratched. I rely on the Wisport!

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  • Name: Wisport 120+ Rifle Case
  • Price: £143.95
  • Contact: Military 1st - www.military1st.co.uk