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Helikon-Tex Wombat Shoullder Bag

Helikon-Tex Wombat Shoullder Bag

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Helikon-Tex gear continues to gain in popularity, with their wide choice of clothing, accessories and luggage. The Wombat Mk2 Shoulder Bag is part of their Urban line, which is a selection of clothes and luggage systems designed to transport Every Day Carry (EDC) equipment like water, a multi-tool, torch and a phone. It is manufactured from Nylon and is available in Black-Grey Melange (featured) or Grey Melange. The bag includes an external Velcro ID panel, weighs 870-grams and measures 25(h) x 35(w) x 12cm(d), providing a healthy capacity. It comes with a universal carry shoulder strap that includes a series of loops described as a Pouch Attachment Ladder System (PALS). This strap can be used in conjunction with one at the rear, which can be secured around the wearer’s waist, preventing the bag from swinging while running or navigating obstacles. Both are adjustable and attached via quickrelease Woojin buckles. All the pockets, including the main compartment are zipped, with, silent, para-cord pull tabs. There are two side pockets, that each measure 22 x 12 x 5cm, two forward facing pouches at 18 x 18 x 3cm and a larger inset external pocket. The latter two, include an internal Velcro panel, compatible with the Versatile Insert System (VIS), allowing the secure attachment of various pouches for the likes of tools, holsters and first aid kits. The main compartment includes a large VIS panel at the rear, elasticated pockets at each end for bottles and two mesh pockets at the front. Overall, a practical bag that is faster and easier to access than a backpack.

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  • Name: €79.90
  • Contact: helikon-tex.com