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Aimsport Triton M42 moderator

Aimsport Triton M42 moderator

It was 2013 when I first tested aimSport’s aimZonic moderators. Muzzle-mounted, they offered two sizes the Compact and PLUS, at 9.1 oz and 10.9 oz accordingly. The Compact measures 133 x 42mm adding 118mm to the barrel, the PLUS is 150 x 49.5mm and adds 135mm.

They use a common stainless mounting plate (adaptor) so you could screw on either a PLUS or Compact given the bore diameter. Moderation was handled by a venturi arrangement as opposed to a conventional baffle stack and there was a bypass valve at the front. All combining to offer some light and efficient moderation!

Next the Cyclone, which was a screw-on expansion chamber that would accept either Compact or PLUS units to turn them into a reflex by a double-ended adaptor. Weight and length went up a bit but the added chamber certainly seemed to improve performance. However, aimSport now offers their first full reflex the Triton. There are two options the 42 and the 50mm and available in five bore options 5.7mm/.224”, 6.7/.260, 7.7/.308, 8.6 /.338) and 9.3/.366.


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I tested a Triton 42 in 5.7 in ½ x 28 UNEF also available: M14x1, M15x1 and 1/2 x 20 UNF with more to follow! I used my 20” SGC Speedmaster in 223 Rem, for comparison a 5.7 Compact. I’d been told the Triton was not as quiet as the Cyclone, but the idea was to produce a short and light design. Length increase from the muzzle is 10.9 cms so shorter than the Compact by 9mm. Overall length is 21.4cm and weight 11.71oz.

Construction is aluminium with a thin rubber skin on top, internals are all stainless. An aluminium barrel bushing is used as opposed to polymer.

Taking off the front section shows a calibre-specific stainless steel tube whose base sits in the end of the expansion chamber section (thread nut). At the front the tube is drilled radially. Once the bullet clears these ports gas behind it exits and expands into the front section. A portion expanding back down in the expansion chamber as the bullet clears the muzzle too. This baffle-less system uses gas pressure, balance and volume to do the job. AimSport quotes noise reduction figures of 24-26 db for the M42. The Cyclone Compact is 27 – 31 db; out in the field, all we need to know is what noise they make and do they work?


I used Hornady, 53-grain BTHP Match running at 3150 fps. Starting with the Compact noise reduction was good and no spike in the ear. Swapping to the Triton 42 it sounded almost identical with perhaps a slightly flatter and longer signature. Given both aimSport reflex types work well, which they do, then it really boils down to weight and length. My AR measures 37.5” un-moderated; the Triton 42 makes this 42.25” and weighs 11.7oz. A Compact Cyclone is 44.5”/13.9oz, priced identically, so I’d go for the Triton as it’s shorter/lighter! Build quality is good, the rubber covering make it easier to handle when hot and the Triton works effectively and offers a light and compact reflex design; you choose!

FOR: Light and compact for a reflex Versatile fitting
AGAINST: Not a lot
VERDICT: Well built and effective Shorter/lighter than a Cyclone Compact

  • Aimsport Triton M42 moderator - image {image:count}

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  • Aimsport Triton M42 moderator - image {image:count}

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