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Air Arms Q-Tec Silencer

Air Arms Q-Tec Silencer

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Air Arms caused a stir with their popular Q-Tec Silencer, and now the launch of their Galahad range of Bullpup pneumatics has given rise to a shorter version- the aptly named Short Q-Tec. At just 4.5” long it’s ultra compact, yet inside it’s much the same build. As with the original, air expansion and air flow dynamics come into play, and fluid dynamics and simulation systems were utilised in the development process, and the end result is a high tech silencer built to do a job. They are calibre-specific, which ensures that the majority of spent air is captured and dissipated efficiently through the unit, rather than allowed to escape unrestrained behind the pellet. On exit, the pellet enters a ‘still air’ chamber, passes through a series of baffles, and finally continues on its path in as unruffled a manner as possible. The low reflection, super hard wearing matt black finish is highly practical, and with the Air Arms signature ‘swirl’ end cap, included, this new CNC machined silencer has an air of quality.

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  • Model: Air Arms Q-Tec Silencer, currently for the Galahad models only
  • Available in: .177, .22 and .25
  • RRP: £51.50
  • Contact: Air Arms, 01323 845853, www.air-arms.co.uk UK Distributor: John Rothery Wholesale. www.bisley-uk.com