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PES/MAE Mini Target

PES/MAE Mini Target

Julian Savory (JMS Arms) has been bringing in PES moderators from New Zealand for some time now. The new name PES/MAE is due to the fact that MAE Engineering now produces the moddies, but everything else remains the same. All models with the exception of alloy 22 rimfire units are made of stainless steel, so offering more resistance to corrosion, which is the bane of the thinner sheet, carbon steel designs. The Mini Target on test is a reflex (over-barrel) type and rated for the lower and mid-range 22 centrefire calibres and 17 Rem.

Under the 500

The design is non-strippable and consists of a single, drawn, outer body tube with the baffle stack crimped in and the expansion chamber welded in at the rear. The only movable bit is the synthetic bushing, which has to be bored out to suit the O/D of your rifle’s barrel. Though stainless it comes in a black finish. I have used similar (but muzzle-mounted) designs from PES in the past, which were efficient though a bit long, so was expecting good things from the Mini Target.

As the name implies the design is not big and measures 8.5x1.5” and weighs 1lb 1oz (475-grams) so quite light and compact and well suited to certain calibres. Being a reflex it adds 4.7” to the rifle’s overall length. The build uses seven, off-set and dished baffles with a small, primary expansion chamber in front of the muzzle, with gas also bleeding back to the main one around the barrel.

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I tried it on two 223s; my Mauser MO3 Extreme (19” barrel) and a Howa 1500 (22” tube). Internal diameter at the rear is 1” so no real problems on medium/big OD barrels. The can came cut for 1/2x20” UNF as standard. Julian does offer other thread forms but feels this size is the best bet for the UK…

Barrel Length Considerations

For a control I used a muzzle-mounted, Ase Utra Compact, which is my moddy of choice for the MO3 with its 223 Rem barrel set. Ammunition consisted of 50-grain Norma V-MAX ballistic tip and 55-grain Remington Express soft point. On the 19” tube the PES sounded a little sharper or ringy than the AU; I put this down to the greater muzzle blast and thinner material of the PES than the heavy steel of the Compact. I admit the Mauser’s tube is a bit short and on the 22” Howa the Mini Target sounded a lot flatter and comparable with the AU.

Overall the Mini Target is a nice little can; it’s not too heavy or long and won’t affect a rifle’s balance unduly. Moderation effect is more than adequate for calibres up to 223 Rem, plus the all-stainless build means a longer life. Best of all it comes in under £200, which is most impressive…

PRICE: £198

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