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Webley Tri-Pump

Webley Tri-Pump

When mechanically-operated pumps first came onto the scene for charging PCPs they were basically stirrup-types marketed as an option for those who didn’t have access to a diver’s bottle and charging gear. I tried them but never saw the point in going to all that effort to fill an air rifle that literally takes seconds to do by more conventional means. Granted, not everybody could afford a charging rig or did not like the thought of having a hi-pressure air tank at home. However, after testing the ingenious Webley Tri-Pump I feel at long last we have a viable and alternative option to the often cumbersome charging kit!


The Tri-Pump stands 26” high and weighs 7.5lb and shows a decent build quality and seems to have sorted all the previous short comings of this type of system. It has a wide foot plate with adjustable pumping angle and is manufactured from high grade materials with an integral gauge. This shows coloured zones as you see on most PCP air gauges making it easier to read rather than looking at a plain dial as is the case with other models. It has a maximum 250-bar fill pressure meaning it suits virtually all air rifles. Something many wouldn’t credit is the lock mechanism at the bottom of the main barrel, when engaged the pump is secured in the downward position making picking it up for transportation much easier.

Get a Grip!

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The handles are wide and chunky, so offering a good grip and easy operation. Inside them you have a built-in easy access moisture trap to stop it getting into the gun’s and pump’s internals to protect against the possibility of corrosion damage. There’s also a particle filter which traps dust and dirt, again, further and vital protection. In the other side of the ‘T-bar’ handle is a storage space ‘accessory compartment’ where you find spare ‘O’-rings but can also store seals or Allen keys. Incidentally both have screw-off end caps.

Now to the icing on the cake, that being when you attach the pump to a PCP via the hose and Webley-designed connector (included) and suitable charging adaptor, as you operate the pump it delivers air to the rifle on both the downward and upward stroke. Yes at last you don’t need arms like Arnie to use this effectively and I’d wager Webley’s claim its ‘30% more efficient than others’ is valid.

The operating stroke was surprisingly smooth and easy, even towards the end of the fill when you are pumping against back pressure from the rifle’s air reservoir. This is without doubt one of the most robust, cleverly designed and efficient hand pumps on the market.

PRICE: £139.99

FOR - A well made, efficient and practical design
AGAINST - Not a lot
VERDICT - A cost effective alternative to bottled compressed air filling systems

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  • Webley Tri-Pump - image {image:count}

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  • Webley Tri-Pump - image {image:count}

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  • Webley Tri-Pump - image {image:count}

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  • When I try to pump it to fill my rifle on the strokes up and down there is air blowing out at the bottom end

    Default profile image
    Terry stead
    20 Aug 2020 at 03:10 PM
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  • I have problem fitting bsa pcp filler to it

    Default profile image
    Javed shah
    22 Feb 2017 at 05:13 AM