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SPOT Satellite Messenger

SPOT Satellite Messenger

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SPOT is a small, rugged and affordable piece of kit, offering a vital line of communication with friends and family when you want it and emergency assistance when and where you need it.

The SPOT satellite messenger would make a perfect Christmas gift for all ages; improving the personal safety of anybody that spends time in remote areas, devoid of any phone signal. Or those who simply wish to keep those closest to them in the picture, via a unique feature which allows users to let others track their movements via Google Maps.

SPOT is the first device of its kind to use 100% satellite technology to communicate, and therefore works where mobile phones don’t and communicates what GPS devices can’t, providing a crucial line of communication on land, water and in the air. Perfect for anybody who enjoys hunting, camping, fishing, boating, skiing, mountain climbing, walking, running and so on. The device is also popular amongst lone drivers, sailors, elderly walkers or workers seeking reassurance that they are able to communicate without phone signal.

The unit, priced at £149.50, has a simple four-button design with four main functions:

·      911: Dispatches emergency services to your exact location using GPS co-ordinates.

·      Help: Request help from selected friends and family through SMS text messages, or emails with a link to Google Maps™, which show your exact location.

·      Check In: Allows you to let friends and family know that all is well, notify them of your location, or save waypoints so you can review your route at a later date.

·      Track Progress: Allow friends and family to follow your progress in real time, or save waypoints to view your entire route at a later date using Google Maps™.

After playing a part in many rescues throughout the USA and Europe, leaders of school and activity groups have adopted the kit, in case emergency assistance is required in a hurry. A recent rescue, which took place in Dartmoor, offers an excellent example of SPOT in practice. After two students fell ill within a remote location during an annual walking event, group leaders used their SPOT unit to alert emergency service, along with friends and family. The rescue services were aware of their exact locations, and were able to rescue the students within an hour.

To find out more about SPOT and how it works, visit www.findmespot.eu

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