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Butler Creek Deluxe Bino Caddy

Butler Creek Deluxe Bino Caddy

Binoculars and similar products like rangefinders and thermal imagers are adding to the list of products we are commonly using. Generally speaking, if they are not at our eyes, they remain close to hand hanging around our necks.

Sometimes, ‘packaging’ this solution can become a hassle, with straps all over the place. As a result, the chest rig has become quite popular, especially among those who want to add smaller accessories like wind meters etc.

The caddy

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So, starting with the essentials, binoculars are probably a priority to most hunters and Butler Creek’s Deluxe ‘Bone Collector’ Bino Caddy is a chest harness designed for all-day carry, that’ll save your neck from strain.

After threading the secure loops onto the binoculars anchor points, they click in place and the caddy lifts over your head. This drops the ‘X’ shaped harness over your shoulders, which stretches into position regardless of the clothing type being worn on the day. The overall length and tension are adjusted with sliding buckles and the stitching is neat and has remained secure. Part of the reason I like the chest harness concept is that it holds the binos close and central, with elasticity to accommodate movement without bulk.

The alternative

Thermal monoculars and rangefinders are becoming more compact so that they can easily fit into a pocket, but a binocular thermal is best hung centrally like binos. When day hunting, I have used an improvised, short, bare nylon strap to hold them close to my neck, above the bino harness. At night, the thermal obviously takes priority, so I just leave the binos back at base.

This led me to options like the ‘ultra-light’ harness from Rick Young Outdoors (RYO) which weighs just 1oz. It’s great for smaller items, mainly because of the fast adjustment for the length and consequent handling ease. Bulky padded neoprene neck straps might be suitable for birdwatchers but they don’t really work for dynamic shooters because they get in the way. It is a versatile piece of equipment, showing a great deal of adjustment range and can be worn the same way as the bino caddy, diagonally across the body or just like a neck strap. It comes with quick-release buckles and just like on any harness, these make swapping accessories straightforward and quieter, especially when sensitive ears surround us. Having to mess around with Velcro is not for me and these two products pair together well, they don’t compete.

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  • Name: Butler Creek Deluxe ‘Bone Collector’ Bino Caddy and Rick Young Outdoors ‘ultra-light Harness
  • Price: £29.99 and £22.00 respectively
  • Contact: Butler Creek - Edgar Brothers – shootingsports. edgarbrothers.com Rick Young Outdoors – The Armoury - www.the-armoury.co.uk