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Fair game Bag Products

Fair game Bag Products

Now if I tell you that it’s been something of an obsession of mine, the fact that hardly any waterproof gunbags seem to exist on the market, then you may understand my delight, at having stumbled across this go-ahead outfit, that just happens to make a big splash about such matters.

Fair Game Bags, not only have a deliciously clever name, but more importantly, produce a variety of products, made from a heavy duty, tear resistant, waterproof material.

Bases Covered

Think of an outdoor field application, and this company seem to have it covered. Dog Training bags, Game Keepers Feeding Bags, Game Bags, Cartridge Bags, Wellington Boot Holders, Rifle Cases, Air Bottle Holders…..even a fold-flat dog drinking bowl!

For review, I had a Game Bag, and a Rifle Case sent through; but couldn’t resist the Dog Bowl, simply because it beautifully proves the point. On inspection, it is only made of the same material as the bags…so yes…its waterproof! Take a rifle into the middle of a field, in one of Fair Game’s cases, and if the heavens open, and you feel a smug grin coming on, don’t be ashamed. Just enjoy the experience!

By the way, if you happen to need a dog bowl, it’s very neat, incredibly light, measures around 8inches in diameter, and folds completely flat or into a pocket. I don’t need a dog bowl…but I do need a waterproof case!

48inch Rifle Case

Rugged and durable is a good description of the rifle case, and with full wrap around super tough straps at both ends, and the middle straps forming carry handles, there’s strength in the design for sure. A reinforced muzzle end comes complete with a useful eyelet, whilst the loading flap locks down with a cargo style clip.

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Also incorporated into the design is a large Velcro fastened pocket, which at approximately 11x7.5 inches, is big enough to carry accessories such as a silencer, or ammunition, or just paperwork.

Finally, fleece lining cossets the valuable load, although this isn’t super thick, like egg shell style cases; more a compromise for field carriage and flexibility. All in all, these cases feel extremely well made, and as they are made in the UK, that’s another cause for celebration.

18inch Game Bag with Net Inner

The Game bag sent through for test was an 18inch version, complete with a strong netting front and two large Velcro fastening pockets. Fair Game make these top quality bags in different specifications, from 15inch up to 25inch, and they’re another great piece of design. Again the main flap locks into place with cargo clips, and a super strong adjustable shoulder strap runs along the top. The bag itself is nice and light, which is just as well, once a few rabbits or pheasant are onboard.

What really stands out though is the fact that the entire inner carrier is removable, meaning it can be washed and sanitized at a stroke. Just pull away the perimeter rim from the Velcro surround- and the inner comes out. Once washed, just push it back in place. Neat, simple design, which should ensure the longevity that this excellent product deserves.

All Fair Game products are hand made in the UK, as previously mentioned, and the company state on their literature that they can make some items to customers own specifications; so it has to be worth a phone call if you have specific needs for something unusual.

Details of the products reviewed here :

  • 18inch Game Bag with netting, 2 pockets, and removable inner £32.99plus p&p
  • 48inch Padded Rifle Case £27.99 plus p&p
  • Dog Bowl £4.99 plus £1.99 delivery

All available in Green or Pink! No, really…

For more information and details on the full range of products, delivery charges and special offers available, go to www.fairgame-bags.co.uk or email the company at [email protected] or contact them direct on 01476 860815. Fair Game also attend many shows, and details are again on the website.

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