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Hornady Binocular Harness

Hornady Binocular Harness

lenses, optics sometimes supporting additional internal laser rangefinders and ballistic calculators, it is not unusual to see the weight of the top units approaching or exceeding 1000g. The single neck strap is seeing the end of its days in these conditions and combined with easier crawling and versatile manoeuvrability, this Hornady Binocular Harness is a fantastic product.

With a simple square panel on the back, sporting the legendary Hornady Logo in red against the buff/coyote coloured material, four straps loop around and over your shoulders to clips that will quickly fasten onto any unit, holding it both close to your chest and distributing the weight.

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A secondary benefit is that the elastication of the straps, which are adjustable for overall length, adds extra support to your binos when grasped up to your eyes, the tension stretching them opposes the pull from your arms and draws them positively toward your orbital sockets, locking them in position. When walking and climbing it leaves your hands totally free and if leaning over, ensures you don’t have the weight swinging around or likely to disturb foliage or get the lenses scratched either!

The light weight and strong yet breathable materials used minimise overheating and it’s so easy to slip on over your head, you won’t look back again!




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