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MTM Rump Rester

MTM Rump Rester

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In many hunting situations, using something to slightly elevate you off the floor is preferable to just sitting on the cold and damp ground; as it will keep you dry and warmer and a seat is the ideal solution, but it needs to be practical too! Such an item is the MTM Rump Rester, which is ideal for any form of ambush-type hunting situation, plus is highly portable and light to carry.

Manufactured from a tough, green and durable plastic, it has a seating area of 44.5 x 40 x 37.5cm, as it narrows slightly towards the front, which is a clever design inclusion, as it allows you to slightly and silently move position for different angle shots, without having to contend with the seat corners hindering leg movement. It stands 20cm at the rear and gently curves downwards to 14cm at the front, which helps you to quickly be on your feet should a standing shot be required. In use, it does the job admirably, providing a comfortable and practical field seat! It comes supplied with a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap and is not heavy.

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  • Price: £19.99
  • Contact: Bushwear 0845 226 0469 www.bushwear.co.uk