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Birchwood Casey Ground Strike Targets

Birchwood Casey Ground Strike Targets

In vivid luminescent yellow, the dense polymer targets stand out against most backgrounds to offer a range of new shooting opportunities. Bullets will travel through the plastic but it re-seals itself to show very little damage. Of specific interest to rifle shooters are the hanging plate and poppers that are supplied with steel mounting frames. The latter has an H-frame base that pushes into the ground, the polymer, Prairie Popper (prairie dog-shaped target) attaches to this by springs that allow it to bend back to indicate the strike under bullet impact. Available in all sorts of shapes and configurations, they assist in the concept of shooting from all positions during practice, and making the challenge as easy or difficult as desired by choosing one of testing dimensions.

Lightweight portability

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The Prairie Popper was my favourite as it stood up to hundreds of 22 Long Rifle and 17HMR shots to the head and body with no signs of undue deterioration. Okay, these are consumable items rated 22 calibre and upward so will `die` in the end! But at the prices they are, they clearly show acceptable durability even with a 17 calibre. The larger 8-inch steel gongs were great for centrefire rifles out to extended ranges and are a real test when the wind picks up at ranges beyond 400 yards. Bullets created a good visual impact without the obvious clang and weight of a steel target, although noise is a moot point as a centrefire rifle isn’t exactly quiet. You are warned not to use airsoft, pellets and BBs, or use the target closer than 30 yards for safety reasons.

A cautionary note

The `Jack` and `Hex Tumbling Ball` will certainly appeal to those shooting larger calibres at shorter ranges where the impact of a bullet will jar them out of position and keep the target location and range constantly changing, although watch out for safe backstop as they move! With bullets almost certainly passing through the target, quite possibly in some volume, be cautious of how they react and where they will be going to ensure you have satisfactory backstop. The steel frames stood up to all accidental bullet impacts from smaller calibres with nothing more than a shiny mark but they do ricochet if this happens. Some of the kits are supplied as `combo` options with Shoot-N-C targets supplied and if nothing else, the Ground Strike units themselves make an ideal support mechanism for these to aid more accurate shot placement and identification from range.

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PRICES: Jack Target: £22.50; 8-inch plate: £22.50;

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  • Name: Birchwood Casey Ground Strike Targets
  • Chuck target: £22.50; Hex Tumbling Ball: £28.15;
  • Prairie Popper: £35.75; Belly Dancer: £35.75