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Duraseal Star Target

Duraseal Star Target

Duraseal’s Crazy Bounce star target is a great accessory for those days where the ‘hit or miss’simplicity ties in well with a realistic hunting target size at constantly varying ranges and angles.

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The hard rubber complex 3D star-like shape is designed to be thrown out on the ground and shot at with any .17-.50 calibre centrefire rifle. (With a safe backstop.) When struck, bullet impact makes the target fling itself randomly to a new position and although not suited to lowvelocity projectiles where ricochet risk applies, supersonic bullets pierce the Duraseal material, which then closes back up behind to retain its shape. Although the target will not last forever, this one has endured hundreds of shots so far, with no signs of failing anytime soon. With a 150mm maximum diameter and seven points, the bright colour is distinct at range.

Duraseal recommends smooth flat surfaces, which allow the star to move freely when hit. Soft ground may absorb bullets well but if it’s too boggy and covered with long grass, it can restrict movement and visibility, so choose carefully for best results. Weighing 267-grams, .223 bullet impacts cause more of a bumpy roll, but 6 and 6.5mm bullets, depending on exact impact position, have had it spring over a metre in the air! The random nature combined with the desire to try and guide its travel makes this target a lot of fun.

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  • Name: Duraseal Crazy Bounce Star Target
  • Price: £25.00
  • Contact: Edgar Brothers - shootingsports.edgarbrothers.com