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Eagle Eye scoring Gauge

Eagle Eye scoring Gauge

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Shooting paper targets is an absorbing part of many shooting disciplines, but whether it is to qualify, target practise at the club, or the need for accurate reading and interpretation of the competition results, the end result is the same and of paramount importance. The Eagle Eye Scoring Gauge, is a neat device, which allows the shooter to accurately check results on a paper target, and gauge whether the shot is a perfect ten, or slightly off centre, attracting a correspondingly down-graded score. Often enough comps are won on which side of the line the pellet cuts. The gauge takes the form of a plastic tube with a magnifying lens, and when this is held over the target card, the shot can be seen in great detail. In addition, the gauge places two small rings over the target which are used to gauge with absolute precision, the exact position of the shot. So, both .177 and .22 calibres are catered for. The manufacturers specify the gauge is visual and ‘non-plugging’, so no probe has to interfere with the diameter of the shot hole itself, possibly corrupting results; unlike some designs. It’s easy to use, and listed as specifying to ISSF sizing requirements.

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  • Price: £20
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