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Impact Kinetics Speedshot targets

Impact Kinetics Speedshot targets

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The Speedshot Series are fast fire targets specially designed for shooters using low-power CO2 airguns. Due to the reduced impact energies involved, they are fully adjustable for sensitivity and will operate reliably when hit with less than 1 ft/lb of energy. For outdoor use, the company has developed a Magna Buffer system, to enhance their reliability in breezy conditions. This enables the plates to remain upright in a 10+ mph breeze, yet reliably fall over when hit. They are manufactured in the UK and are suitable for airguns that produce up to 6 ft/ lbs of muzzle energy, they are not suitable for steel BBs, due to the risk of ricochets. They consist of zinc plated, low maintenance target plates that are attached to a stable steel base. There are two, three and five shot variants available, which can be purchased with either disc or skittle shaped targets. They are cord resettable and the plates are generously sized for challenging speed shooting. They come with 15m of reset cord and simply need to be mounted on a firm, flat, stable surface for reliable operation. The two shot target with disks measures 250mm wide x 180mm deep.

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  • Name: Impact Kinetics Speedshot 2, 3 and Fast 5 CO2 Targets
  • Price: £39.95, £47.95 and £64.95 respectively
  • Contact: The Photon Shop www.myfenix.co.uk