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Jack Pyke Sticker Target Rolls & Spot Shot Targets

Jack Pyke Sticker Target Rolls & Spot Shot Targets

Jack Pyke has quite a comprehensive range of targets for the airgunner, those being reactive types, pellet catchers with matchtype paper targets or of more relevance here, those of a sticker type. The 3” Sticker Target Rolls fall firmly into the latter category and not only are they costeffective but designed to offer exactly what the plinker or serious target shooter requires to hone up their accuracy. They suit many types of low-powered guns such as airsoft, BB guns, air pistols and air rifles.

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Using a suitable backstop, you simply peel off a target from the roll and due to their self-adhesive backing, they can be placed on any safe surface. They are available in fluorescent red or green and due to the colouration, the targets are extremely easy to see.

The portable roll design makes for easy transportation, so they are easy to store in a range bag or your pocket for the times you might need to check zero in the field or at the range.

The Self Adhesive Spot Shot Target Stickers are also 3” in diameter. The reactive fluorescent yellow on black Spot Shot instantly shows your hits on impact, even in low light conditions. Both come in a roll of 200 and are great for shooting outdoors, short range or long range..

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  • Name: Jack Pyke 3” Sticker Target Rolls & Spot Shot Target Stickers
  • Price: £2.95 Per Roll
  • Contact: Thatchreed Limited - www.jackpyke.co.uk