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JP Mixed Spot Shot Targets

JP Mixed Spot Shot Targets

Recently, I tested the Jack Pyke 3” Sticker Target Rolls and Spot Shot Target Stickers. Well, it seems this type of target is proving highly popular, as they’ve added a special selection pack of target stickers but in two sizes (6 x 6” and 2 x 2”). They come in packs containing six of the 6 x 6” targets and 36 of the smaller 2 x 2” Spot Shot Targets.

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I’m sure many are wondering what makes these more special than standard-style target stickers. Well, it’s not only ease of use, because the beauty of these selfadhesive designs is that when the pellet strikes the target, it also reveals a bright yellow impact. Not only that, but each of the 6 x 6” Spot Shot Targets comes with nine black and three red circular repair stickers to cover pellet strikes. This means that the target can be used over and over again. The repair stickers are found on the four corners of the square-shaped backing that the larger targets are already attached to.

All the targets easily peel off the backing, yet stick to virtually any surface, from old carpet to soft wood. They are not only suitable for rimfire and centrefire rifles but also low-powered guns such as airsoft, 6 ft/lbs air pistols and 12 ft/lbs air rifles.

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  • Name: Jack Pyke Mixed Spot Shot Target Stickers
  • Price: £9.95
  • Contact: Thatchreed - www.jackpyke.co.uk