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Grace USA 8pc Screwdriver Set

Grace USA 8pc Screwdriver Set

While a compact and portable screwdriver set might be OK for when you are out and about, for the workbench you really need a quality set and that is exactly what you get with this item from Grace USA.

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The set contains eight, high-quality screwdrivers, very well made and finished to a great standard. The shanks are square, making them very strong, and the blades are hardened to RC 52-56 to give a very durable edge. The handles are stained hardwood and the squared shape, with rounded and notched corners, means that even if oil or cleaning fluid gets onto the handles, you can still get a good grip. The screwdrivers are supplied in a plastic sleeve with a see-through front to keep them clean and safe.

In order to get a perfect fit for the screws on your guns, it is possible to take a slightly over-sized driver and rub it down to fit the screw exactly, using a sharpening stone. These screwdrivers are very hard, so the process proved difficult, but you end up with a really good fit, and retain a superb quality screwdriver.

Grace produce a range of gunsmith’s tools and they are all very high quality and they would ‘Grace’ any workbench. The price of these screwdrivers is undeniably relatively high, but the quality is exceptional. They are a one-time purchase that will last a lifetime. They would also make a great gift for anyone who enjoys having the very best tools on their workbench.

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  • Name: Grace USA 8-piece Original Gun Care Screwdriver Set
  • Price: £45.40
  • Contact: Henry Krank. henrykrank.com